One-store, Beta won game loop

One Store Co., Ltd. (Representative Lee) said that a cross-platform service, a cross-platform service, a ‘One Gameloop’, has exceeded its cumulative payment of W1.8bn in the beginning of the beta service.

As a result, the one-storee has become a step ahead of the cross-platform competition that allows the mobile game that emerged to the game industry’s firm and the other devices such as PCs.

The original game loop, which started beta service last September, is a cross-platform service developed through Tencent Cloud service. Currently, more than 70 games are services, and will initiate formal services in the near future.

One-game loop is a service that has the advantage of a one-store to provide benefits to both general users and developers.

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First of all, users are appealing to a variety of discounts. It has been investigated by providing a discount of 84,000 won or more per person per person per person per person per person for a 10% telecommunications and discounted promotions and discount promotions, and discounted promotions. Also, much more comfortable use environments compared to other emulators

Developers are also able to significantly less efforts to develop PC versions separately, while developers are also able to develop their PC versions separately, and they can launch games on their PCs without additional deliberation through the one-store own deliberation. It has a favorable point.

The Representative of this reinlaying One Store said, “The one-week game loop is being pioneered ahead of the cumulative payment of 12.8 billion in the six months,” said the “One Store” We will realize the growth vision of the ‘Global Multi OS Content Platform’, which exceeds the boundaries of the device and OS, and business areas. “

Meanwhile, the original game loop minimizes CPU share and memory usage, and provides a pleasant game environment using only half PC resources. It is also characterized by optimizing the performance of the PC graphics card and enabling more clear and smooth 2K high-definition gameplay.

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