Skyrim: After 10 years, a fan Bethesda

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is so enormous that the developer Bethesda had to compromise on some places. Especially the sayings of the bandits, who surround everywhere in the sky edge, had suffer from it. Now a fan shows the solution in the form of a brand new mod.

Skyrim: Hundreds of new sayings for bandits

The setting of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has achieved a real cult status over the past 10 years. Finally there is hardly a gamer that the legendary saying “But then I got an arrow into the knee” not knows. Much worse, however, are the ever-repetitive replenishment of the countless bandits in the sky edge.

Elder Scrolls fans when Bethesda releases Skyrim for 10 years straight
The “MOD Bandit Lines Expansion” is the perfect extension for everyone who “you would never have come from” just can not hear anymore. The developer Jayserpa has given the bandits 500 new sayings , which they can oppose you in the fight. However, they are not simply chosen by random. Instead, the bandits comment on your selected people, your gender and even your equipment. In addition, each bandit type uses the mod to receive its own personality. The mod is currently not available in German . (Source: Nexusmods)

Banditen-Mod makes skyrim even better

However, Jayserpa has not received his own sayings for the mod. Instead, he has only used existing dialog lines from the game and chuckled to new combinations . This results in numerous new variations, the sky edge has a lot more lively.

For example, the bandits give you a milk drinker if you have a low level or react horror if you turn off one of your comrades. There are mods like these, thanks to which it is also after 10 years and hundreds of hours playing time is still worth starting again an adventure in sky edge.

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