Manga House and Majima Hiro made a free delivery for the game “Rebecca and the Machini Building” PC

Major Majima Hiro, Majima Hiro, was started to deliver “Rebecca and Machino Building” on March 16. The compatible platform is PC. You can download free of charge from the official site of the cartoon work “EDENS ZERO” by His.

“Rebecca and Machinhotel’s Building” is a short escape adventure game that searches for a mysterious Western building. Majima Hiro’s cartoon “EDENS ZERO” has appeared as a protagonist, but it is possible to play without any problems without knowing the original.

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The stage of this work is a Western-style building. The Western building was a mansion where the asset family live. However, a murder case with a maid Robo who runs runaway is generated. Since then, the Western-building’s ghosts are crawling. The main character Lebecca in this work is a girl of the bottom video distributor who is active in the video delivery SNS Beacube in the epidemic in all universe. Lebecca visits the Western building with Android ‘s Happy and Pino to shoot her videos. She but she loses her while she, and she noted that she was put in the win. Aiming for escape from her mysterious Western building, Rebecca’s success is drawn.

As Levkka goes out of her house, she first proceeds her search. In the house, there are a number of strange workers. She examines the inside of the room and gets the keys and security code, and clears her action scope by clearing her handwriting, such as solving the puzzle. The mystery hidden in the house along with her search and the reason for being caught by Lebeca is drawn.

Even if it is a mystery, hints are well prepared for one mystery and are made to play easy to play. During the search, many of the options for strange behavior, such as writing the continuation of her diary that Rebecca found, eating stone, and there are also strange behavior options. In some parts, a retro game wind expression is also used, and a reservation of a house is produced in commacart. In addition, 4 types of endings, Rebecca change, event CG, collection element, and a bonus mini game. It is created as a short-story escape adventure game, and it is made to make the point, and players who do not know the original as a work that can be played well.

It was a manga artist Majima Hiro who developed this work. As a work that he worked, “Rave” “FAIRY TALE” etc. Currently, in series with “EDENS ZERO” in the Weekly Shonen Magazine, a single book 19 volumes are released in February. I was a cartoonist, but I was able to make a game according to an interview, I should enjoy the game in my friend, this work is also a hobby (Japan Faminico Gamer). Although the works that are published in the name of His is the first time, it may be a feature of this work that has become used to making it.

“Rebecca and Machinro Building” is delivered for free for PC. You can download from the official site of “EDENS ZERO”.

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