Eldon Ring, 1,200,000 sales volume of global sales

Eldon Ring has exceeded 1,200,000 sales volume in the world for 3 weeks.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea announced on the 16th, the Eldon Ring cumulative sales volume. On the 14th, the global sales volume is 1,200,000. Cyber ​​Punk 2077, which is one of the global expectations, has sold 1,300 million in 2 weeks, but there is a difference between the period and the number of times, but it is an unusual aure.

“I was surprised to play this work to play this work. Representing the production team and thank you for all users. George R. R. R. Martin is a great day to enjoy a high degree of freedom and a lot of threats in a vast world that made the myth of Martin’s myths. I would like to ask for the eldon ring in the future. “

VERY Interesting STEAM Stats - Steam Growth in 2021 + Elden Ring Sales Numbers

Bandaiko Entertainment, Bandaika and Yasuo, “Eldon Ring will be able to develop it in a variety of ways to expand not only in life, as well as games, as well as games, as well as games. In the future, we present entertainment that enrich the abundance of mind, I will: “” I said the future direction.

Eldon Ring is released as PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC (Steam), and it is maintained for more than three weeks of sales of steam worldwide on the basis of steam.

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