Turkey and Kuntz curls: Karazor in front of severe decision

without promoter Walter first in the second row

Since summer 2019, Karazor has been part of the squad of the traditional club from the Neckar. Tim Walter had brought the technician and diema fighters in Personnel Union by Holstein Kiel, wanted to make him the turning point of the Stuttgart game. But the coach plans were fast history, as well as its term of office at the end of the first round. The from his conveyor also looked at Karazor, who ultimately had to classify behind the two perfectly harmonious Wataru Endo and Orel Mangala.

Since Marbella asked again

Since Walter Successor Pellegrino Matarazzo at the training camp at the end of January in Spanish Marbella, his until then solidified formation staffed as tactically overboard threw and all mixed new ones, the qualities of the 25-year-old are in demand again. In the starting formation, in which Karazor had only occasionally managed.

I like to praise him, but it does not have to do that every time.

Pellegrino Matarazzo

Meanwhile, the VFB coach will not be tired of highlighting the diligent worker behind Endo and its respective secondary man. “I like to praise him, but does not have to do that every time,” Matarazzo said a few days ago to repeat themselves. “Ata closes rooms, wins two-fighting, wins headballs, knows when he has to close the chain when he has to build a fifter chain.”

Qualities that have spoken down to Turkey now. Stefan Kuntz, former U-21 national coach at the DFB and currently national coach of the Turks, Karazor would like to nominate. Contact has already been linked and the player who has never worn a selection jersey also showed interest.

Sticking point duplicate citizenship

But before, legal hurdles have to be overcome. The VfB professional with Turkish roots born in Essen has only German citizenship. In order to compete for the home state of his parents, he would have to own the Turkish. This would not be the problem. The Germans also retain, is the point that is now dealing with lawyers. It is checked whether Karazor can get double citizenship.

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If not, he has to make the serious decision that his passport he wants to carry in the future. On March 24, the Turks against Portugal play in the World Cup play-offs.

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