In Ghost of Tsushima, you can erase the blood from your sword with a button

Ghost of Tsushima looks like the open world’s dream of all samurai movie fans. The absolutely magnificent setting, the immersive gameplay and a deep personalization system already make me drool to the mouth, but we can not forget the brutal cinematographic fight that the game seems to possess. If you have checked their gameplay trailer, you probably noticed that Jin wipes blood on his Katana before deceiving it. What is cool is that this hard blow is something you control completely.

According to the interview of VG247 with the developer of Ghost of Tsushima Jason Connell, there is a button to control everything.

Ghost of Tsushima How to Clean Sword - Tips & Tricks
_ “It can be done in two different ways”, _ Connell said . “There is actually a function or button that allows you to store and pull the sword, and if there is blood on the sword, it will do one of the cool actions like a movie. I think That he did it in the demo of State of Play, where he just came to press the button. There is also an automatic if you stay standing for a long time, it will store it automatically. So, we have some sort of the two. I think there is in fact even in some of the blossoming blossom, he will just a quick. “

I am super excited for this Ghost of Tsushima. I find that the greatest need for me in open world games is their lack of incredible cinematographic moments. Of course, there are forced cinematics, but I dream of a game where I could replicate moments of live Badass movie on a living and changing world unexpectedly. So far, this game seems to be the only thing that could approach it.

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