The Elder Scrolls V player V: Skyrim Discover incredible details more than 10 years later

Come this autumn, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will turn 11 years. Despite its launch in 2011, it makes two generations of consoles, many still play it. There are some things that contribute to this. On the one hand, it is still the last main delivery of the series. Is playing The Elder Scrolls online, Skyrim or go back even more into the story of the series to play games like olvo or morrowind. And with The greater scrolls 6 Nowhere in sight, this will not change soon. Many continue to return to the game also because it continues to be regularly reunited, sometimes with updates and improvements, and other times with new content. And finally, Skyrim is still playing more than 10 years later because it is one of the best games of all time. Not only is it maintained all these years later, but the immensity of the game and attention to the detail it offers means that the players continue to discover new things about it, which takes us to this day.

Later the Skyrim Page of Reddit, a player has pointed out a small but incredible detail that apparently nobody on the game Reddit page knew that existed; When you hit the water with a fire spell, boil. Now, some players may already know about this and it is possible that it has been documented at some point, somewhere, however, if many of the unconditional game fans who populate the reddit page mentioned above in 2022 did not know about This is sure to assume that the vast majority of players had no idea of ​​this tiny and easy to ignore.

Water boil when you hit it with a fire spell! from

If this works in all waters or only in certain waters of the game, we do not know, but we will update the story if more information is provided.

The Elder Scrolls Skyrim 10 Years Later: An LGR Retrospective

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