WWE 2K22 review: A return that is worth celebrating

WWE 2K22 has great expectations attached to its launch, since Wek 2k20 was found with a violent reaction after a series of errors and problems online detained any impulse. Then, 2K made the decision to skip a year with the hope of bringing the next version of the series at par and restore faith in the franchise, and now 2k22 is finally here. With high expectations should also come the celebrations if that goal is achieved, and since my time with Wek 2k22 the game has managed to offer a refined and addictive gameplay in a variety of modes that should leave the fanatics absolutely enchanted and probably relieved, even if There are some things that prevent them from fully fulfilling their promise and potential.

Wek 2k22 presents six main modes, as well as the online game and the creation suite, although most of the time, the greatest attraction every year is 2K Showcase. This year he presents the legendary superstar of the WWE King Mysterio, and those who idolize the history of the fight will adore reviving the classic Middle Matches against Eddie Guerrero, Batista and more. The previous entrance stamps are all here, but 2k22 gives each match a new and elegant style as it passes from the game to the real footage in key points of history, and this amazing transition keeps you immersed in the history of the party and returns to game effortlessly, only with the help of mysterio moment at the moment. comment.

There is a personal touch in the Mysterio showcase that is completely unique compared to the previous entries, and the continuous presence of it can not avoid immersing you more in your development career. The shop windows can be difficult to follow if you are not completely interested in a superstar, but I do not think that is a problem this time.

In addition, it is worth noting that, at a technical level, 2K did everything possible to highlight each action in the pause menu and what is required of you to go to the next step, something that the previous games fought a lot. I had to do a few pauses to find out what was needed so that the next time would happen, but apart from an error here and there, I got my answers without much trouble and I quickly returned to action, as it should be.

Showcase is great, but really, the star of LA WWE 2K22 is the MY GM mode, a way that has been on the wishes lists every year during what seems like an eternity. My GM mode allows you to build a WWE brand from scratch and write your list of superstars as you take into account the weekly costs, the effectiveness of the list, the choice of Arenas, lighting and advertising for a given program, as well as the Contracting strategies, injuries, free agency, popularity, fanatics, social networks and more. I lost countless hours playing with my list and finding the right combinations with the hope of reserving a perfect show. You will also buy Power Cards to harm the opposite brand or help your roster recover, and you get incentives by fulfilling the commissioner’s goal, and that besides administering to your superstars, who will come to you with applications and proposals that can hurt Or help your morality. It’s incredibly addictive, and you could easily spend hours here without even realizing it.

To say it bluntly, if you only get this game for this mode, I would not tell you that you do not do it, although that does not mean you do not have space to grow. After a while, it will begin to feel something limited due to the established limits, and probably settled to keep things running without problems on the side of the game. That said, this way would be even better without those limitations and, hopefully, 2k23 or any future title adopting the series you can expose the promise you are here. Things are highlighted as having only two champions by brand (which eliminates Tag Team, Intercontinental, 24/7, North American, United States and more), as well as the limit of only three games and three promotions per night (apart from payment – by-view). Being able to freely customize the alignment of your program would only add more strategy and more reproduction capacity to an effort that is already attractive.

All this revision could be about My GM mode, but there are other attractive offers in the mix. My Universe eliminates the limits of your brand-creation dreams, but, honestly, those limits of GM mode are those that make successes so rewarding. There is also my faction, which brings a little of that addiction of supercard to the game, and although I see myself venturing more in the way, you have to fight enough before you can unlock new packages. If this rate of unlocking increases in the future, it could happen more time here.

That takes us to My Rise, who tells the story of his trip from the Recruitment of Performance Center to the superstar of Wrestlemania. Unlike 2k20, which focused on the two-star friendship that try to reach the WWE, My Rise begins when you first enter the company and immediately put you in the middle of other superstars of the WWE. This is more a direct rise upgrade, but I quickly attached to my character created and I enjoyed entering the Raw and Smackdown mix faster than in 2k20. Your interactions are unpredictable depending on who recorded the dialogue and how the animations came out (which can be quite difficult at times), but it did not take a long time to get involved in my character’s story and I enjoyed exploring the world and ascending in the ranks of The WWE. Sometimes it strives too much, but I still found myself enjoying the experience.

WWE 2K22 Review

As for Creator Suite, there are a lot of options at your disposal when you create a superstar, and it is very easy to start manipulating the smallest details so that your superstar actually stands out from the rest. There are not so many clothes options as expected, but those offered by multiple options and ways to modify them to obtain the desired result. The general system is relatively fluent, although it is loaded enough, even in PS5, as you advance through different attire, body types and faces.

What you do not suffer, however, are 2k22 graphics, which are, for the most part, incredibly authentic and impressive. Superstars in general look pretty much like their real-life counterparts, and small details on their equipment, crowd and sand can not avoid attracting it. As with all WWE games in the last 20 years, certain superstars will not resist scrutiny and seem a bit out of place, but in general, the game and the list are splendid. That also applies to the characters models of the game and the fighting action itself, and the control scheme also received a welcome update. It takes a while to get used to, but the actions feel much more intentional, so if you propose to achieve a certain goal, it is much more likely to achieve it thanks to the fact that the controls do not interpose on your path.

All that remains is the online game, and this has been the biggest problem of the game so far. I successfully completed very few games compared to the number of times the timeout of a session was exhausted, a match was a match or can not be joined after it clearly said it was open, or network errors caused An update of the lobby. However, when the matches happen, they are fun and exciting while trying to frustrate the movements of your opponent and anticipate how the guard will come down. There was not much delay during those games, but the proportion of successful parties against being eliminated from them was ridiculously high until today. Fortunately, things seemed to have been solved, since I joined several games without setbacks and reached the action within the relatively fast Ring. If that continues, things should be fine from now on. Okay, I’m not a great online player, but still I hope it works and that works well if I decide to participate.

Wek 2k22 has a lot at stake, and it shows. 2k22 has made free wrestling video games again while preserving the large number of creative options so that your experience is more unique and personalized. My GM is pure gold, even with the unfortunate established limits of it, and it should only improve from here. Meanwhile, 2K Showcase and My Rise offer their own distinctive ways of immersing themselves in the world of struggle and, along with impressive graphics, give you reasons more than enough to continue jumping. The online game had its problems from the beginning and my rise is not as refined as expected, but despite those defects, 2k22 will continue to be in the great rotation of my console due to everything else that brings to the party, and definitely I would call him a success.

Rating: 4 of 5

WWE 2K22 is now available at PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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