The dead come back in The House of the Dead: Remake

Remake of the eponymous shooter released in 1997, The House of the Dead: Remake arrives on Switch. Edited by Forever Entertainment, the game of Megapixel Studio is expected on April 7, 2022.

The House Of The Dead is BACK!
As in the scenario of the first opus, the action takes place in an old manor. In the skin of two government agents, you will be responsible for clarifying the nebulous actions of a laboratory that took its neighborhoods. It is in this morbid atmosphere that you will have to get their hands on the director, Dr. Roy Curien. Known for its dangerous experiences, it seems that it has pushed too far its experiments. To stop it, you will have to make a way through a horde of zombies and other creatures before civilization do not suffer the consequences.

The Shooter rail is a modernized version of the original arcade game, both in improved controls and in the technical or graphic aspects. However, the studio promises total fidelity to the gameplay and atmosphere of the first episode. A desire to reassure after the failure of the remake of panzer dragoon. Lovers of the genre will be able to embark on a local multi and thus to give more chance to discover the different end of the game. Finally, a new game mode should also be available.


Characteristics of The House of the Dead: remake

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