Ancestor Spirit Boss Guide: How To Defeat ancestral spirit in Elden Ring

If you have lit the flame columns in the Siofra river from Elden Ring, they are ready to take it with the sacred, Holy Spirit, which is protected in this area, the ancestral spirit. Although the beast appears mumified by the environment and is likely to be carefully preserved by its worshipers, it is an agile enemy and can be difficult to pinpoint. This boss has a healthy scattering of physical attacks and surface damage hazards that can protect it from carefully. Continue reading for our guide How to defeat the ancestral spirit in Elden Ring!

ELDEN RING BOSS GUIDES: How To Easily Kill Ancestor Spirit!

Ancestor Spirit Boss Guide: How to defeat ancestral spirit in Elden Ring

The ancestral spirit is a large, flicker enemy, and although he is a pretty big goal for projectiles, he moves pretty much what makes it difficult to meet him. So if you use magic, use fast attacks. This boss can also be attacked in melee, normally on the sides between his attacks. If you break enough of the attitude of the beast, you may be able to achieve a critical blow to your head, and the same applies to the royal ancestral spirit in Nokron. The Spirit will quickly move over the battlefield and perform 3 important types of attacks.

The attacks

The first attack is a combo, where it sweeps over the ground with its antler, so blocks or switch off as it lifts from left or right. The second consists of a series of 3 jumps he makes in the air, with the last one pause, before it shoots for high damage to you to avoid it at startup. The last noteworthy attack is that areas of the soil are spit with a substance that causes them serious damage the longer them. So, if you are a carpenter, try jumping over these affected areas or to run around them to join the fight again.

Victory boat

When winning you get suffering trailer ash and 13,000 runes. You will now be able to summon your ancestral trailer, like those you encountered around the Siofra River, and these can be very helpful in areas that show the bow symbol. If you have grown the challenge, Nokron’s counterpart boss is later harder, hurts more and can often regenerate its HP, so break his attitude over time to run the last stroke!

This is our guide completed How to defeat the ancestral spirit in Elden Ring! Be sure to look at our other guides and our review!

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