How to cook dish Proxima Course Meal in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark Preparation of Proxima Course MEAL requires great effort. This should be done last time, because for this player you need to kill the world boss and pay a lot of silver to buy and make ingredients. This is one of the culinary collectibles in the northern right.

Where are the ingredients for Proxima coursework?

Food Merchant Luggy

There is NPC in Wounds Village shopping street named Luijah. It sells two necessary ingredients:

  • Proxim Stern – 18 000 silver
  • Proxima root – 18 000 silver

You can find both ingredients in Ingredients Tab

Genuine leather proxim

You can only get genuine leather proxima killing proxima . To revive, proxim is required 24 hours. This is a raid world boss, which is not easy to kill. When you visit Verse Forers , the world raid boss will appear on your card. Visit our World Bossima Guide to learn how to find and kill proxim.

Cook Celia

All North Vern Cooking Lost Ark

Cook Cook in Castle Verne can help you complete the recipe and create Power Proxima . Cook Stelia is in Restaurant for gourmet on the Western side Castle Verne . Before you can ask the challow to make lunch for proxy, you need to prepare the last ingredients with it.

You must create the following items before you can prepare a dish Proxima Course Meal:

  • proxima salad – silver 900
    Root nugget proxima – Silver 900

After you prepare them, you will finally cook Proxima Course Meal dish. Ask the cooks to make it up for 1400 silver to complete your adventure.

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