At the sky of Skyrim: fans celebrate Bethesdas Irrore attention to detail

In the past ten years, fans The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim explored exactly. Fans on Reddit now, however, then point out that the developer Bethesda has even bothered in a detail that would hardly discover anyone al1.

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What’s in the sky of Skyrim?

The “The Elder Scrolls” series is already 27 years old. The reddit user “A14alo” has now noticed that a detail from The Elder Scrolls: Arena still finds in Skyrim. So the impressive figures are , which appear in the sky as soon as you rises a level, directly from the old role-playing game.

The thief, the magicians and warriors, who serve in Skyrim as surplus for your skills, are based on star constellations in the sky of Tamriel . Also, the many Fuddlinge stones that receive their useful bonuses are available for a specific constellation. In the predecessor Oblivion you can even choose your zodiac sign. “A14alo” writes that in addition to recurring characters, these used design elements should also be appreciated.

Skyrim, however, has more to offer. In the comments, a user realizes that it would be a cool complement to actually see the star constellations in heaven. Bethesda, however, has already come up before . In fact, the series has been offering a starry sky with recognizable constellations since Morrowind.

Skyrim: fans give tips to watch stars

The Youtuber “LEFTOVERPAT” has already published a video more than a year ago, where he reveals the secrets of the sky . He recommends using the Special Edition as the stars can be better recognized due to higher resolution.

While the constellations in Morrowind and Oblivion already appeared regularly in the sky , Skyrim even goes a step further and offers a cycle that repeats each year in the game.

Do you create the ultimate quiz?

At the Heaven of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim can be found staring constellations that are based on earlier entries of the series . Have you noticed the formations before? Visit our Facebook page and writes it to us there in the comments.

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