Abyss Herald Boss and New Archon Quest will arrive at Genshin Impact in April

It’s easy to forget with all cute girls, beautiful boys, fun mini-games and incredibly complicated relational dynamics that fly, but peoplehin impact is actually the story of two brothers and sisters, Aether and Lumine. After being separated during a catastrophe 500 years ago, the one that the player chosen like Avatar wakes up alone and starts looking for his lost family. What happened to the one who was not chosen is… a little more complicated. The details are always deliberately obscured, but what happened while the player slept pushed his brother to become the head of the ugly Order of the abyss and to declare the war in destiny himself. Needless to say, when we heard the new Archon Quest, “We will be gathered,” that both met, we sat down and paid attention. Get a new monster boss, Abyss Herald, fighting is only the cherry on the cake.

When will this quest and Boss battle really be actually implemented in the game? Do not worry, they arrive as soon as possible. More specifically, they must arrive on Monday, April 12, after the end of the Windblume Festival. This should give us all enough time to move from the joyful dating simulation mode to sad and angry siblings that travel in dimensions. Seriously, what happened to the Prince / Princess of the Order of Abyss? Why are they so determined to achieve their goals, even at the potential price of destroying their relationship with the player’s character? We assume that we will have to wait and discover.

Abyss Herald ALL BOSS FIGHTS! NEW Archon Quest! Genshin Impact
According to inleif, which is strongly involved in having been emergency food – Uh, Paimon – the lost brother of the traveler, Abyss Heralds is the next stage of the Abyss Mages. These powerful creatures act as high rank officers in the order of abyss. They also have more than a slight resemblance with the transformation of Childe’s Foull Legacy, who could go to all kinds of interesting places.

Are you looking forward to meeting your lost brother or do you want to fight the Abyss Herald? Let us know in the comments or contact us Twitter or Facebook.

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