The settlers shifted indefinitely

When the settlers now appears is not known. The developers will take the game first.

The upcoming strategy game The settlers have been postponed to an unknown time. This shares Ubisoft in an opinion. Originally, the title should already appear in almost two weeks, so on March 17, but after the developers have stopped a Closed Beta some time ago, there were partly devastating feedback. The reorientation from a construction title towards a real-time strategy game with focus on fighting just like only a few testers. The typical cunning of the small settlers, almost one of the core elements of the brand, was barely available. That has taken Ubisoft for the occasion to revise the game. According to its own statement, the quality does not agree with the vision of the team.

THE SETTLERS - Closed Beta FRESH START - First Impression & Skirmish || Part 01 RTS 2022
There is not a new appointment for the settlers yet, but developers want to provide the community with updates in the coming weeks and report on achieved milestones of development.

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