Picture Book End for Johay: 99. Victory to FurioSem Solo

One day after its withdrawal, skiing runner Therese Johay has brought her 99th victory in the World Cup and crowned her career with a fulminant closing point. The 33-year-old settled in the mass start over 30 kilometers on Saturday in Oslo after just over five kilometers and attracted their rounds on the famous pale castors. In the end, the lead on Finnin Krista Parmakoski was only 19 seconds. But that was at Johows triumphogen at the last meters.

The triple Olympic champion of Beijing received two Norwegian flags shortly before the inlet into the sun-flooded stadium and completed the last meters like a hobby runner. Immediately before the finish line, Johau turned to the audience, bowed and then finished the race. Immediately afterwards, the best crossdown of recent years came the tears.

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I’m just so happy and at the same time so sad that the career is now over

Therese Johay

In the stadium, “Time to Say Goodbye” from Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman ran. From the 99 victories, she fetched 81 in singles and 18 in a team. “Blue sky and many viewers: I’m just so happy and at the same time so sad that the career is now over,” Johaug said in the subsequent winner interview. On the last station in the Swedish Falun, she renounces.

With the words “Actually, I do not want the journey to end, but there is a time for everything” Johau had announced via Instagram on Friday their career end. The Swedine Jonna Sundling was behind Johow and Parmakoski Third, Germany’s Teamprint Olympic Champion Katharina Hennig took the fifth place.

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