ELDEN RING TIPS – How to get rising faster and earns fast runs

Elden Ring can appear as a pretty brutal game, especially at the beginning if you have only limited bottle charges and low health, while the Tree Sentinel destroys it. You could simply ignore this boss completely and go to his happy way, up here and there, while exploring the world. This maybe the method that most of the players want to track, especially if you want to enjoy the game as it should be played.

For those who are quickly strong, without much stress levels or just want to have a beautiful reliable farmplace, there are other methods, as mentioned by TAGBACK TV on YouTube. First, they should deal with the tree guard and go to the Church of Elleh to find the first site of grace. From there you drive the road to the north. You will finally reach a hostile camp – looking for a kind of pillar with an object nearby. Lift that to unlock your first card fragment.

This allows you to follow the streets you will take easier (at least for this area of ​​Limgrave). Turn right from the road from which you originally came from, until you reach another site of grace. Activate this and after a brief conversation with Melina you will receive the Spectral Steed Whistle and can summon Torrent. But this is just the beginning.

Continue passing along the street (the daytime is best because you can dodge mighty enemies) and take the first street left, which appears. Follow this road and there is another site of grace in the outskirts of Mistwood. Activate it and follow the road until you reach the third church of Marika. Collect the items contained therein, including the vial of miraculous shape and the sacred tear, which reinforce the vial of purple tears and the vial of sky-blue tears to enable more healing or FP generation. Activates the place of grace and rest.

Behind the church is a portal – it can be seen near a small stream. It brings you to Greyoll’s Dragon Car, an area in the northeastern part of the map. Drive directly down the street, from where you have teleported and avoid all enemies. At some point you will reach a bridge with a dragon – do not dare on this bridge and fight against it. Instead, activate the Site of Grace nearby and take the road to the area above you. Next, go to the left and then right, drive down the hill and release the poison traps on the way while dodging enemies. You will find a smaller bridge that can be crossed (which has a boss at night, so cross them during the day).

Even if you are poisoned, heal you until you reach the next site of grace at Lenne’s Rise. From here you will see a bridge in the background and a road that leads down the hill. This road will bend to the left and down, but on the corner will be a boulders, which comes in. The trick here is to drive only a little bit before this corner until this is the case. As soon as that happens, just double them back and make sure it rolls into the abyss from the side.

You get 2,000 runes without having to fight at all. Return quickly to the Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace and repeat this process. Make sure you stay a little close to the boulders as soon as he rolls – otherwise he simply disappears and requires a quick trip back to Lenne’s Rise to “reset” him. Otherwise, this can be contemplated within a short time continuously for tons of runes. According to the calculation of the following video, you can achieve 585,600 runes per hour with this method.

Another way to increase the number of runes earned while playing is the gold-pickled Fowl Foot. This increases its runen acquisition, but for a short time. While it is consumable, it is possible to get the recipe for the production. However, there are a few hurdles that you have to jump to find, for example, patches and let him live alive to buy the relevant cookbook from him and to build the materials for tinkering. You can see the video of TagBacktv below for more information.

However, it is worth noting that if you killed patches, you can still get the recipe (and other items from its emporium). Make sure that you accept Melinas offer for an agreement and then your invitation to the RoundTable hold. Bring the bell of patches to the dealer of Twin Maiden Husks. You can now buy items from the inventory of patches, although he is dead. This dealer is also good for the purchase of Stonesword Keys and Rune Arcs, if you need.

Another great way to earn tons of runes is to choke certain mighty enemies. Do you remember the boss, Night’s Cavalry, who appears at night on the bridge that leads to Lenne’s rest? Walk from the side of the merciless at night to the bridge, but do not fight against it. Instead, jump past your mount and make sure it does not hit it. Cross the hill filled with poison traps and make sure to storm only when the boss is too close. Do not look back.

If you reach the tip of the hill, you should receive the message “Enemy Felled” and receive 42,000 runes. Use the Gold Pickled Fowl Foot for even more profit. This is just a one-time method because Night’s Cavalry does not show up again, but it’s a great way to earn tons of runes in a short time.

Another method is to follow the road from Lenne’s Rest (the same, on which the boulders appears). Go on to the mercenary site of the dragon cart fork – you reach the fork in question and have to go left. Finally, they reach Fort Faroth. Activate his Site of Grace and you will see a huge dragon here. If he approaches from below, he can not attack. Defeating the dragon will take some time with a normal weapon, so bring a weapon with bleeding damage. This makes it possible to quickly reduce a percentage of its health, even if you have a low level.

Shortly before the dragon dies, a chicken foot loaded in gold to increase the amount of earned runes. If you kill it, you will receive more than 100,000 runes immediately. The other dragons will no longer be around in this area after the big is dead, so remember if you want to farm them later.

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Elden Ring is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5 and PC. Take a look at our review for the game along with other tips and tricks here.

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