Teso: Coralhorst – Official preview of the new dungeon

The Order of the emerging struts drives his misrepresentation in the coralhorst. To get to the bottom of the mystery of this enigmatic community, our heroes have to travel to coralhorst and browse the hideout of the embroidering. This Odyssee marks the beginning of the year-round adventure “Legacy of Bretons” in The Elder Scrolls Online. Not only malicious seamons and nasty rogues, but also a few old acquaintances from former Elder scrolls games that are well-known to us are waiting for us in Coralhorst.

The Dunge Koralhorst appears soon as part of the DLC player extension “Ascending Tide”. The DLC appears on PC / Mac and Stadia on 14 March 2022 as well as on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles on 29 March 2022 . “Ascending Tide” is included in ESO Plus, but you can buy the extension but also with crowns in the crown shop.

The developer team of The Elder Scrolls Online publishes recently on the official site The first preview of the dungeon coralhorst. We have all important information about the new adventure for you. If you want to know more about “Ascending Tide” and “Legacy of Bretons”, then read through our comprehensive Teso-Special .

The seashort

The colorful caverns of the coral horettes located on the north coast of Sommersend and its archaic elven ruins are an ideal place for a secret hiding place of the Order of the Empore. This unique site protected from curious views was made for a very special reason of the enigmatic organization.
Gorgeous views of the coralhorst. Source: Zenimax _ “The coralhorst was selected from the sky because of its accessibility, as they can grab themselves here” _, Mike FinniGan, ESOS Encounters Lead explains. _ “This allows the local supporters of the Order of the Empore Striving these ruins as a basis for attacks against their enemies.” _

The coralhorst

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The equally mysterious as dangerous base of the Order of the Empore Striving is already a threat to itself, but this is not the sole reason why her collapse with your group in this coral. Anyone who has played the main quest series of the Dagsturz alliance will immediately recognize a few well-known faces when entering this new echo.

“If you arrive there, you realize that Captain Kaleen needs help” _, Finnigan begins. _ “She was hired to find the missing Jakarn, who was traveling on an important mission. In which this mission existed and why he was entrusted with it, it remains unclear, but Kale’s personal past with the pretty rogue predestined them for this order. _

Do you know with the imaginative captain, infiltrates the base, jakarn tracks and helps him escape. This does not seem complicated at first, but when you explore the coralhorst, it is becoming increasingly clear that there are only so teeming there before beasts and middlers of the Order, which stand between you and the fleet thief.

Fight below summer

When the ideas for environment and inhabitants of the coralhorse emerged, ESOS Dungeon Team cost the opportunity to build something unique for left enthusiasts in the PVE.

_ “Summerend, his eleven ruins and grabs we had never used for a dungeon with four players,” gives Finnigan to consider. “Thus, this has offered us the perfect way to explore these aspects of the game here too. In addition, we wanted the hidden content of the dungee to tell her own history.” _

If you are concerned about the coral vault of the dungeon, you will encounter malicious sea stone, and while you are always penetrating, you will also do it with the troops of the Order of the Empore. But these challenges, of course, fade in comparison to the three leaders who expect them in the dungee, for huge yaghra monstrosities, champions of the Order of the emerging and even more dangerous adversaries are ready to put your group work as well as your skills on the test.

As an inspiration for new mechanics in the fighting with the leaders, the developers used the narrative train of the dungeon himself.

“We want to challenge our players wherever possible, and sometimes that means that you get it to do with monsters, which you have seen you ever seen, but with new, interesting combat styles” , says Finnigan. Struggles against the new, challenging leaders of the coralhorse. Source: Zenimax _ “Both Yaghra and grabbing are used here, but not as the players are used to it. In addition, the Order of the Empore, a stealthy organization with unfair intentions, had a major impact on how we meet the encounters and Leader introduced themselves and then developed. “

fights against the new, challenging leaders of the coralhorse

If you plan to dive into the depths of this new dull, Finnigan has a few simple clues for you and your group: explored! In your research, you may not only bum on new challenges and rewards, but also experiences a lot about the secrets and the history of the coralhorse.

_ “Imne and breathes the smell of corals,” finishes Finnihan. “There are corners and angles and areas to explore, which may even reward those who are brave enough to deviate from the beaten path.” _

Rewards from the depth

As a new PVE challenge for four players, the coralhorst promises a selection of unique rewards that you can get anywhere else on Tamriel. These include achievement titles and collection pieces such as the title “Gripping Tiemer”, which you can earn you by completing the dungeon on the highest level of difficulty, or the souvenir “Frostic Sprout of the Guardian”, which you deserve you, by the achievement “Conqueror of the coralhorse” Releases.
The frost shear of the guard as a souvenir. Source: Zenimax

The frost shear of the guard as a souvenir

In addition to the achievement rewards, there are three very new item sets in Coralhorst and a mask set that can provide your characters and compilations powerful benefits. This includes retaliation of gripping, a middle set that causes additional bleeding damage to your enemies each time you make critical.
Concept for the new item set: retaliation of gripping. Source: Zenimax

Item set Retribution of grasping

_ “To get out of the optimum from ‘retaliation of grasping’, I would suggest it combines it with other sets that directly reinforce this, such as’ deadly bump ‘or’ blood drinker ‘, or it uses a synergy, for example’ roar of Alkosh ‘or’ Tooth of Lokkestiv ‘”_, Stephen Certretani, ESOS Combat Designer explains the new sets of the dungeon. _ “In any case, scores in the passive capability of the intrepid skill line to take the additional recovery!” _

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