[Launched Today] Completely New Tactical RPG “Triangle Strategy” for “Blabry” and “Octora” Development “Triangle Strategy” Information summary such as adult stores and combat systems

Art Dink and Square Enix Asano Team Fully New Tactics RPG “ Triangle Strategy ” will be released from March 4, 2022.

In this paper, we will deliver it together so that you can get the content of that. Check the story and game system so that you can soak in the world view!

# What game is “Triangle Strategy”?

This work is a tactical RPG on sale with Nintendose switch. Development has been involved in “ Blabry Default ” and “ Octop Straveler ” and has been involved in the characteristics of the masterpiece of the masterpiece.

Graphic utilizes current generation of technology, Dot painting and 3DCG screen effects are developed as “HD-2D” , and is a fantastic work that makes it feel nostalgic and cutting edge. In addition, the deep battle and the heavy story are a highly expectable work from domestic and foreign fans as a content that reminiscent of the old masterpiece “Final Fantaschetics” released from Square.

# Heroes spun from a heavy world view

The stage of this work is the Land “Noseria” where the three countries have repeated War on the right of iron and salt. Three years later. Located on the shores of Noseria Taiga “ Grinburg” Snow Country” Esflost Public State “with a number of iron orches” ” The country “ St. Hi Sand Magnification ” enjoyed peace between bundles.

However, the balance of the three countries will begin to break down again to a certain case…. And, the main character “Walhoat House” of the Greenburg Kingdom is the main character of “Walhort House”, “ Serenoore Wolhot ” will be difficult to bear his family and difficult.

In this work where each conviction and conspiracy is intertwined, the story changes significantly depending on the player’s selection. Games will appear in the middle of the game “Benefit”, “Moral” “freedom” of the three values ​​of “Freedom” ** is secretly accumulated as a player’s “belief parameter”, and not only the branch of the story but also It will change.

More important decisions are made in voting using “ Bailan Balance “. The player entrusted seven coins to his friends and wait for a vote. It is also dependent on the player even if you convince the surroundings. “Information” which is a persuasion material may also be obtained from the caller’s conversation in the town.

This work is a story-based work, but the story part and the battle part are also implemented RPG part . In RPG part, you can explore the map freely and listen to people, find items, and check the gimmics that can be used for combat.

The story has many attractive characters including the enemy. In addition, there is also a function that can be viewed by the character’s introductory statement at any time during the conversation, for players who can not be remembered from the large number of characters. In the next page, we will introduce some of the characters that appear in this work.

# # Character

# # Serenoa Walhort (CV. Ono Kenba)

The main character of this work. The next earlier of Greenburg Kingdom Walhoat House, a great warrior, a great temple, a young Thailand grown in Simon.

# # Loran Grinburg (CV. Nakamura Nakamura)

Celenoa’s best friend, as the second prince of Greenburg.

# # Frederica · esflost (CV. Tsuda Museu)

Sello’s fiancee as a former employee.

# # Benedict Pascal (CV. Shoji Ueda)

A butler that serves Walhort house before Salt Bottle War.

# # Elador Ballant Inn (CV. White bear

A master who is a guardian player from the childhood of Serenoore, and the warrior soldiers.

# # Anna Pascal (CV. Senki Senki)

A science that acts in the sunrise as the right arm of Benedict.

# # Hewette Bakler (CV. Kobayashi Yuu)

A newcomer of the Kingdom Sento Corps in charge of Loran’s guard.

# # Gilar Brace (CV. Sato Rina)

A maiden who takes care of Frederica. She is also her magical teacher.

# # Simon Walhort (CV. Yanaka Yano)

Walhort House Our Lord. The legendary warrior who led to the end of the Salt Bottle War.

# # Gustadolf Esflost (CV. Hoshino Yasuko)

USF Lost Kingdom of the Countries.

# # Svarogue Esflost (CV. Shimizo Shoho)

The brother of Gustadolf and Frederica’s uncle at the younger brother of the President of Presence of Esflost.

# # Dragan · Esflost (CV. Matsuoka Yokohiro)

The eldest man of the Province of Svarg, Svarog.

# # Av roller (CV. Honda Honda)

Sprestling of the Esflost that was up and up to the general of the general with the ability but is an orphan.

# # Solsley Ende (CV. Forest Earth)

The number of salt names in the “Seven Self” in St. High Sand Dejei.

# # Egs am Marshall (CV. Furukawa)

Knights who are famous for the “Seven Holy People” in St. High Sand Deich.

# # Ido del Milla (CV. Hiroshi Nakahiro)

A priest who is named the name “seven holy”.

# # Enigma Mistel (CV. Fujinuma)

Subsidy who is familiar with the “Seven Holy People” in St. High Sand Dejei.

# # Lelai Viser Craft (CV. Mori Nana Child)

Researcher who is named “Seven Self” in St. High Sand Dejei.

# # Silvio Terior (CV. Yoshino Yoshino)

Greenburg Torie’s Square, Terior House’s House.

# # Laundroy Falx (CV. Takeda Makoto)

Greenburg Global Square, Farx House’s House.

# # Jerom Rise (CV. Ishigani Haruki)

Young chief of Walhoho Rosel Village.

# # Flagan · Gourt (CV. Ikei Ikei)

A gentle soldier who led the Otego Forces of the Esflost Countries.

# # Gloma Yurgini (CV. Kataoka Tomi)

General of the former Esflost public country called “Annoyal Tekken”.

# # Picoletta (CV. Ogawa Haruna)

War orphan girl who had a tetra in the circus group.

# # Jivanna Copel (CV. Aizawa Mai)

Researcher of Esflost Countries.

# # Miro Yu Well (CV. Ayumi Natsumi)

Searching for information as a dancer.

# # Decimal (CV. Kugimiya Rie)

Everything is surrounded by mystery, a kite doll.

# # Kohaku (CV. Murephuya Yuya)

A boy wrapped in a mystery, from birth, belonging, all.

Event scenes by luxury voice actors are spun spinning by full voices, and they are colored with a varying performance such as the moment of fighting or incandescent.

# Basic knowledge and strategy of battle!

The combat system of this work is packed with the standard and unique elements of the tactical game. Each unit acts in the order of “speed” and the behavior is displayed in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

At the time of battle, positioning with high and low differences is important. Attacks from high are powered up, and the character that handles the bow can extend its range of range.

If you can attack the enemy from behind, a back attack will be activated by a critical attack. In addition, if you want the enemy to be held with allies, you will also trigger the chase effect.

“Collaboration” can take advantage of allies’ ability to attack various variations. For example, let’s fire the floor, push the enemy with tackles on the flame floor, create a water terrain, and make a charged area with thunder magic, and the strategy is up to the player. In addition, since each unit is set to weakness and resistance, respectively, it is important to actively aim at it.

In order to use the ability, the point “TP” is required in the turn. Powerfulness is more intense with TP’s consumption, so it is a good strategy to preserve in preparation for chance or lower the front to the opportunity.

# Communication with shopping and friends is “clump”!

Club ” can talk with friends or shop at the shop. Besides, you can strengthen characters and weapons at Yorozuya and Blacksmith . Furthermore Cartaron has also prepared an assumption battle that tries the strength of the developed characters, and it usually enjoys the battle of this work from the normal battle to the battle of special victory conditions.

At the aging, it is possible to move from the search part, the world map, and the battle preparation screen. Yorozu shop, blacksmith, tool shop, preparation for battle in the bar, as well as the unexpected side of the joined fellows…?

Strengthening weapons in blacksmith can consume material and money. Each unit’s weapon rank is raised, and the ability to learn increases or parameters rose.

■ Class up

Yorozu restaurant can Class up of each unit. Each unit has a three-step class, and by meeting the condition, you can class up to a higher class from the base class. Class up requires consumption of a certain level and a “medal” corresponding to rank. Class up can benefit from increasing the maximum value of TP, increasing ability to acquire, and the status increases.

# # ■ Medal

Class up requires “ medal “. The medal is available by advancing the story, and you can buy “Battle Points” that can be earned when you take strategic actions and buy it in the shop.

# # ■ Weapons Mystery

Unit weapons have three-step “weapon rank”, and you can get advanced weapon ability by raising the rank using a reinforced material. In addition, if you raise the weapon rank to the maximum, you will be able to learn “ weapon mystery ” which is a powerful attack.

# Early purchase benefits!

■ Square Enix E-STORE Luxurious Special Edition “Triangle Strategy Collector’s Pack”

In addition to game software, Metallic nanopaze that imitates “Bailan of belief”, which is an important item in the game, the back of the dot character, a strange transparent trump, a flexible transparent transparent with a dot character * Luxurious Books * am. It will be delivered wrapped in a specialty room.

■ Square Enix E-STORE Purchase Benefits

If you reserve and purchase this work with Square Enix E-STORE, you will receive a specially made Fengzhi **.

■ Amazon.co.jp Limited benefits

If you book and purchase this work in Amazon.co.jp, you will receive a limited sticker **. “Triangle Strategy” is from March 4, 2022, and the price is 7,680 yen (tax included), with both downloaded version and package version for Nintendo switches. At Minintendo Store, the trial version is being delivered to 3 episodes and 3 episodes and saved data to the product version. If you are anxious, how about playing? © Square ENIX CO., LTD. All rights reserved.

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