Classic FPS “DOOM II” developer creates a new stage for “for the first time in 28 years” and delivered. Raise up for support of Ukraine

John Romero, known as one of the first “DOOM” game designers, has started delivering a new level (stage) “One Humanity” for “DOOM II” on March 3rd. The price is 5 euros (approximately 636 yen), and sales are donated for full Ukrainian assistance. Currently, it can be played by applying to the same work PC version that is distributed at STEAM.

“DOOM II” is an FPS game that is launched for MS-DOS in 1994, with ID Software. It is a famous work as the FPS’s early days of the FPS format, combined with the study “DOOM” and “Wolfenstein 3D”. Currently, the PC version can be obtained at Steam or, and is widely ported for the console. John Romero is a co-founder of ID Software, and he was involved as a game designer in the development of studio work. He is a prominent developer who is one of the parents of the “DOOM” produce.

The new level “ONE Humanity” for “DOOM II” delivered this time has been created by Romero’s own hand for the purpose of supporting Ukraine that is currently undergoing Russian army. The price is 5 euros (approximately 636 yen) and can be downloaded from his official shop page. All of them are donated to Ukraine Red Cross and the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund and are used to live humanitarian support for people in Ukraine. And Mr. Romero works a new level for “DOOM II” and since the release of 1994.

In addition, to play “One Humanity”, a “DOOM II” game main story is required. Also, it is possible to purchase from Japan. In addition, “One Humanity” is a distribution in the.wad format, so the introduction is somewhat complicated. It should be noted that knowledge and environment construction etc. are required to play.

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Locating Ukraine invasion by Russia, many companies and developers also hope for peace in the game industry, and represent support to people in Ukrainian warming. In addition, Romero’s distribution start tweets are often received. In terms of interest in the situation, Romero who is a legendary creator, who is a legendary creator, has also attracted attention that Romero moved to support with new level production.

New level “ONE Humanity” for “DOOM II” is being delivered for the PC version “DOOM II”.

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