Should you fight early in Elden Ring against the Tree Sentinel?

ELDENRING offers a huge amount of fighting where you can attend, and depending on your skills and your self-confidence, you can take some of them earlier than expected. However, you can use certain bosses, even if you are an experienced fromSoftware veteran, take a trip on which you do not want to join.

Give the a tree watcher , an earlier gameboss that can pound your soul from this level of existence if you do not know what you should do. Is it even possible to fight him so early, or should you get him later? Find out with our practical guide if you should fight early against the tree guard and what you can earn in this fight!

Is it worth killing the Mounted Tree Sentinel Early? - Elden Ring Boss Guide

Tree Sentinel – Is it worth the risk?

The tree watchers is luckily an optional boss. So if you are not feeling well, you can still wait until you are a bit stronger and more confident to take it with him, as it is a very intimidating opponent.

When you drive to the first step, see this horse-bound enemy that roams the road that leads towards the church of Elle and the gatefront ruins, and he’s hard to overlook Solid and a very large, golden armor bears. This will be the first you encounter, since later in the game some more adds, with which you can handle a little better.

If you are approaching the Tree Sentinel, you have different ways: If you are new in the game and this is your first from software game, try to avoid it if you can. He is a very strong opponent and can do massive damage if they are not properly prepared.

However, if you are a Souls Vet, you can do this fight and approach him on horseback when you have a bow or magic to destroy your health. His attacks have a different timing, so they can block and learn his patterns instead of dodging when their shield has grown the task.

After defeating this boss, you will receive access to some great weapons, the Golden Hellenage and the Earth Tree Großschild next to the heroic rune. All great objects offer large holy damage, and you can delete another boss from your growing list of achievements.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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