All types of behavior of wild pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Legends about Pokemones: Artsus Very similar to the previous parts of the franchise, but includes some interesting changes. One of the functions that were added to the game is the behavior of Pokemon, which can help determine the best way to catch them and fight them. So, we have created a guide for each of the types of behavior with which you will come across, exploring the Great Hisui region!


Behavior is very much. They will ignore the player when you approach, and they are much easier to catch and start a battle than some other types of behavior.


Fucking pokemon run away when coming into contact with the player. They are easy to recognize as Pokemon, which are easy to scare. These types of Pokemon can be easily caught if the player sneaks to them before throwing the pokebol.


Every New Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus
Aggressive Pokemon is easy to warn, and they usually begin to attack at the moment when they see the player. Sake, just bounce off from them, when red eyes The symbol appears above them. To sneak into such poekomones is the best way to catch them.

I do not know

These pokemon have not yet noticed the player that can give you an advantage when it comes to an element of surprise. These pokemon will provide you with an additional attack in battle, if you leave the pokebol, from which they run away.

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