5 comics that you should read before seeing the batman

There are only a few more days for the premiere of The Batman, Movie that is undoubtedly the most anticipated for this year. What’s new about Matt Reeves received very good qualifications from criticism, so fans could not be more excited. This feature film was inspired by some of the most iconic stories within this hero comics, so around here we recommend five comics that you should read before seeing The Batman.

The BEST Batman Comics to Read Before or After You See THE BATMAN

Batman: Year One

Year One has almost always been cited as one of the biggest influences to adapt Batman to the big screen, and it is easy to see why. This classic story written by Frank Miller tells us the adventures of Bruce Wayne during her first year as the Hero Holder, while at the same time she also tells us how Jim Gordon goes through the hierarchy of the Gothic city police. It’s a story that you just can not miss.

Batman: EGO

Reeves itself came to declare that Batman: Ego had been the greatest inspirations of him for the film. It is a story that examines in depth the psychological aspect of the character and how is that Bruce Wayne Lidia with all this anger and remorse that pursues him since the death of his parents. This theme seems that it will also be explored in The Batman, so Batman: Ego will give you a kind of what you can expect on the big screen.

Batman: The Long Halloween

Many times we forget that Batman is also known as the best detective in the world, although this rarely has been explored in the cinema. The Long Halloween shows this hero during his early years on his crusade against the crime but the most interesting thing about this comic is the way Jef Loeb, the writer of him, portrays Batman’s skills as a detective. In addition to that the riddle, the penguin, and Catwoman play an important role during the history of this comic.

Batman: Zero Year

This comic is a reboot about the origins of Batman, but also introduces a few pretty interesting concepts that Reeves seems to have taken as an inspiration for his film, like a suit with more armor and a motorcycle. We have a much more serious batman and a story with a darker, not to mention that the riddle is one of the main comician villains. It is definitely worth taking a look if you plan to see The Batman this weekend.

Batman: Hush

Hush is one of Batman’s best stories. Essentially it is a detective story that narrates the arrival of Hush to Gothic city and how it has been manipulating all the people around Bruce Wayne. The relationship between Catwoman and Batman is explored with greater depth, and the riddle sinks us why he is one of the most terrible villains of the hero after having discovered who is actually the Gothic city guardian.

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