Minecraft: 10 years old bug is finally history with new update

Mojang has played a new update for Minecraft and finally eliminates mistakes that have been around in Survival Game since 2012. There are also other technical gambling at you.

Update from 01. March 2022 – 10:41 clock:

Ten YEARS of Minecraft: An Evolution
With the snapshot, developer Mojang had already announced it and now the said patch 1.18.2 has been played for minecraft. While you play, you will not be extremely great changes, as most changes are technical nature.

In addition to the above-mentioned ancient bugs, which have been improper in the Sandbox Game for over ten years, the new patch adds the / PlaceFeature command, which ensures that you can place a feature in the world. In addition, you expect now Universal Tags .

And there is even more that your can customize : Fits cave generation with experimental data packets and adds world-defined structures. All other details of the update you will learn about the official site of Minecraft (Source: Minecraft).

_Neben the removal of bugs had to believe in the continued development of Minecraft and again features of it: _

Original message:

Minecraft: Which mistake did Mojang have eliminated?

The next big content expansion for Minecraft will be opened with the The-Wild Update (1.19). When exactly that is, Mojang has not revealed yet.

In the meantime, errors are still being hampered to the last Caves-and-Cliffs update. But not only that: While some major changes take more time and can not yet be played up, the Minecraft developers are just time for bugs that have been in Survival Game since 2012.

For as the Patnotes show the current snapshot (22W05A), a well-known graphic glitch has finally been removed after almost 10 years. When diagonal connecting water has always been an unsightly animation. Since this problem is purely cosmetic nature, it is probably so long at the bottom of the priority list.

And where Mojang has schonmal in the old bow box crowned, two other well-known mistakes from the years 2014 and 2016 have been fixed – one also the behavior of water and one for rotation with blocks. The remaining bugfixes relate to problems from the years 2021 and 2022. (Source: Minecraft)

What does the update still involve?

The reason for clearing the ancient bugs should also be in the rest of narrow changes to the snapshot update. In addition to bugfixes, only a prior change to the Canyon-Biom has been reversed . This will be introduced again at a later date.

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