Third edition of Disaster Chefs: The new names that will come to the culinary program

Third edition dedisaster chefs has just been announced with quite well-known faces both inside and outside content creation on the Internet. As happened in the two last editions, Masi and Ibai will lead the show that is expected with quite expectation in which we will see the next-end of the final next to the two couples who earned previously: Paula Gonu and Werlyb, and Juan And Andrés.

Several are the streamers that have joined this initiative, among which we can see big names of the history of the platform and others that have just arrived but have been so good that they seem to be one more with the old faces.

The couples of this third edition will be the following:

  • Alexelcapo and Felipez: Two of the most veteran content creators and quite dear by the whole community will join to recall their kitchen series during the golden age of YouTube

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* Siro López and Julita; Couple in real life and married for a long time, will delight the diners with dishes made with love and a lot of patience by Siro
* Jagger and Jagger: Yes, Jagger will be just cooking; While he made cooking series at the time, we hope he does not repeat such a feat watching the days so nauseated that they had in his body
* Viruzz and Sandor: The amateur boxer of the moment will link forces with the current coach of it to cook the best dishes before a good combat
* Pol and duck: The most endearing duo of all Twitch Spain will cook for judges dishes that are equally delicious than their streamings

  • Alexby and Aroyitt: The couple of streamers do not take off or in the kitchen, in which we will see if your unconditional love is transferred to the stove

This will be the last edition and it is likely that we see a repeasure in the future , so stay tuned to our networks to be attentive to everything that will arrive from the most fun twitch show

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