STEAM Gab is skeptical to the current status of metaverse and people. “A guy I have never done MMO” “Im going to go to Ranosia”

Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell, who is heard that it is often heard recently. He talked a slight skeptical view to the current state of the metaverse for overseas media PC Gamer.

The metavers who have become the subject of Newell this time are the virtual space built online. Users are acquired by the user, and a mechanism that causes interaction and economic activities with people in virtual spatial, is called metaverse. In addition, items in the virtual space have financial value, and companies and individuals have conducted activities such as advertising and item sales, and held in virtual space of events that many people gather are also examples of metavers.. On the other hand, the virtual space where people intersects like the second real world are called metavers.

“Second life”, which has become a boom in the 2000s, “VRCHAT” that people interacts in VR space are also known as examples of metavers. Metaverse is also a concern about tech companies and game companies. Last year, Facebook changes its company name “Meta”, reflecting the policy to work on Meta Bath. In addition, Bandai Namco Group announced the development of “Metaverse Metaverse” on February 8 (Related Articles).

And Metaverse is often involved with virtual currency, block chain technology, NFT (non-fungible token / non-alternative token). The block chain utilization technology that ensures commercial and item ownership and value of items and virtual currencies in the “second reality” is because there is a good aspect of metaverse. On the other hand, the voice of doubts is coming to handling such technologies and metabaths together. At the end of last year, although the “Nippon Metaverse Association” was launched, it is not necessary to build the metaverse, but the statement that links the block chain, NFT and metabars has been discussed (related articles).

In the first place, metaverse is a wide range of concepts and no clear definition has not been determined. It is a metaberse that can interact with people wearing avatars, or it is a meta-oriented or another definition that can be traded using real currency and virtual currency, or some person changes by a person. Among these, there are also faces that only the phrase of metaverse is taking care of it al1. Therefore, there are also many people with concerns that metaverse are treated with block chain technology and used as speculative rash intercepts.

Apparently, Gabe Newell seems to have skeptical views on the current state of Metaverse. “Metaverse says to encourage technological innovation” from PC Gamer comments that “Metaverse is going around, and it is on a plan that aims at one thousand money”. In addition, he was truncated with “most people who talk about Metaverse, not what it is not understanding.”

Newell’s lone tongue does not stop, and people who lift the metaverse often commented that the “customizable avatar can be used” and comments. He says that he has never done MMO, and he says that he will go to Ranosia (place name) of “Final Fantasy XIV”. In other words, the appeal points of businesses that make metaverse complaints in speculatively, it is a view that it has already been realized by MMO works. In addition, there may be concerns about the tendency to be metaverse words and the NFT with the NFT. As for example, “Final Fantasy XIV” is used for the story, Newell is currently addicted to the same work (related articles).

On the other hand, Newell seems to have an optimistic perspective. He says that the current situation surrounding the metaverse seems to be settled anywhere, and comments about entering the entry of developers who have motivated other than “magic money making”. He said, “Anyway, finally won useful technologies and customers” he said he did not worry about the future of metaverse.

Metaverse and block chain technology is an alternative to other existing. However, it is certain that it tends to be able to talk together in speculative context. What Newell told me that the value of such technology and the future are recognized, and “money making” riding a void? In addition, for Steam operated by Valve, we are prohibited from the same platform for “Games that enable virtual currency to take effect and trading based on block chain technology” in October last year (related articles).

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