Destiny 2 BOAR errors on PS4 – how to fix

For games with live services, it is characteristic of some problems. Destiny 2 familiar with it, and fans are already familiar with various error codes, which sometimes gives them a game. One of these codes that you can get is called BOAR, and that’s how you can fix it.

The Bungie Help page claims that the BOAR error may appear when the player has problems with a network connection to the console **. In the case of PS4, this error appears when the connection is interrupted during the download of the required content packages, so the download will be suspended, and the BOAR error code will appear.

How to fix BOAR error code on PS4

Players who want to solve the problem can make it pretty easy. Once Connecting to the Internet Recovered All players must do it Resume packages download which have been suspended. This can be done from the download menu or by interacting with the notification that loading is suspended. After all packages are fully installed, the players on the PS4 will be able to run the game without any problems.

How To Fix Error Code Boar - Destiny

If you are still getting a BOAR error message after performing the above steps, Bungie recommends players to publish messages to the Bungie Reference Forums. Here they will be able to help you directly with your problem, as well as help others who can have the same technical problems.

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