“Game-E Sports Cultural Exchange” … The 2nd Summer Nourn

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee), held a relaxed Isphos association, held in the afternoon of the afternoon of the 19th of the 19th,

The 30th anniversary of the medical school and the year 2021 ~ 2022 The year of the Korea-China culture exchange, followed by the second time in the last year, War ‘E sports, the two countries have been in place to communicate with each other.

The competition was spreading to a single tournament that 8 pre-selected players, and the game was relayed in real time through Chinese online channel Vilirivili in the heated interest in local fans.

In particular, this tournament not only in the E-sports power, Korea and Chinese players, as well as ‘SWC’ players, the official Global Competition, the ‘Summer Nourney’ official Global Competition, participated in the “SWC” player,

In Korea, the ‘SWC2020’ representative ‘Charmi’ and ‘Hwangyang’ Return ‘and’ Poor also have a ‘SWC2021’ representative ‘Secondbaby’ order, and in China, ‘SWC2019’ winner ‘L’est’, The first time, the winner ‘HOWTOPLAY’, ‘L & D Monster’, ‘SWC2021’ winner ‘DILIGEN’.

The game was spreading from the 8th round of the pride of the athletes, and the L’EST, which has been a scary momentum, was a scary momentum, and the L’EST, which has been thrilled in the final Final Match, was named a winner.

On the other hand, Com2us is communicating with the world users through the global e-sports competition ‘SWC’ and various on-offline events that meet six times this year. In addition to this Korea-China E-sports friendship, the 2019-Swedish E-Sports A-Match, which is the same as the world, including the ‘Summer Nours’, including the ‘Summer Nourners’, including the ‘Summer Nourners’, We will continue to expand the communication window.

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