Bethesda will close its pitcher on PC; What will happen to your games?

Bethesda puts an end to the support of your pc launcher. The US company confirms the closure during the next month: they encourage users to migrate their library to Steam, April Bethesda they will be the one they will use from this moment. We respond to your questions if you are part of the platform.

How will you play the games you have in the Bethesda pitcher and what will happen to your games?

Bethesda Is Officially Closing Their PC Launcher! & Will Migrate Everything To STEAM!
April Bethesda of April Bethesda, it will allow you to migrate your library to your Steam account. All the titles you have will be available at no additional cost at the Valve ** platform, including the rest of the purchApril Bethesdaes you have made. Some of the saved items will be automatically transferred; Titles not supported for this function will require a manual transfer. Since the study underline that they will share more details of the process once it is available.

What will happen with your coinnings within games like FallOut 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online?

Migration to your Steam profile will be complete and will include all virtual payment currencies you have acquired.

What will happen with FallOut 76?

You will keep the progress you have made in all your characters, including the camp and seApril Bethesdaons of the postlanzing service of Fallout 76. The list of friends will not be lost either. You must make sure that your Bethesda account is linked to your Steam profile ; More details will be shared April Bethesda the migration date approaches.

The same happens if you are subscriber of fallout 1st . You will be rewarded in Steam with the time of months that you are restful until you renew the year. For example, if you have 6, you will receive the atoms proportional to that strip.

Does the closure will affect The Elder Scrolls: Online?

Absolutely. The Elder Scrolls: Online Operates in an exclusive launcher for the game and independent of Bethesda.

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