Minecraft brings a warrior skins pack

A new collaboration has been published on Minecraft. It’s not a dog daycare, nor a complete DLC, but it’s an exciting development for people who miss old-fashioned combat games.

Called Warrior Skin Pack, 57digital and Capcom brought together a new pack for minecrafters. For those who know the Street Fighter series (or as they are also known as the World Warrior), they have published 35 skins among which players can choose. These include the classic characters of street fighters such as Ryu, Luke, Ken and Chun-li.

As part of the celebration of the exit, Minecraft offers a free character designer element to the players to claim as well as twelve feature designer items.

Although it’s not a free DLC, like Crafty costumes, Timeless Toy Skins and other Minecraft DLCs, the price is not outrageous either. On the Minecraft market, the Warrior Skins Pack is currently 490, bringing the conversation rate to just over 2.00 to $ 3.00. For those who are fans of the franchise Street Fighter, or who would just like to go with the idea of ​​hitting lianas while exploring the world in survival mode, it could be very fun for fans of longstanding fans of Minecraft or Street Fighter lovers.

Minecraft Street Fighter World Warrior Skin Pack - All Skins

It remains to be seen whether this means other future collaborations between Capcom and Minecraft in the future – with perhaps the opportunity to fight Creepers or other monsters in the next Street Fighter game.

For those who are interested, the Warrior Pack is currently available for any device using Minecraft – on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Would you like to have Street Fighter skins for your Minecraft experience? What kind of Minecraft collaborations do you want to see in the future? Let us know about Twitter or Facebook!

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