Dont miss it if it is a core gamer! This weeks special indie (February 3rd week) -A combination of equipment combined with high speed mecha act, volume full-scale seximeteroid Vania

GAME * SPARK Delivered 3 Special Indies to Recommend the Editorial Department!

This week, the sequel to Thailand’s high-speed mechanical action “ Ninbus Infinity “, Middle Ages Strategy “ DiPlomacy Is Not An Option “, which combines town development, tower defense, RTS, and sexy of volume It is three of SF Metroid Vania “ Future Fragments “.

# Ningbus Infinity

The sequel to the Project Nimbus (Project Nimbus), released in 2017, has started early access. This work is a high speed mechanical action handled by Thai Indie Beloper GameCrafterteam. You can maneuver a humanoid general-purpose weapon called “Battleframe” and use various weapons and equipment to experience a new generation pilot.

The stage is the world after 21 years from “Project Ninbus”. The protagonist Iwata Taiyo who was a very ordinary high school student is caught in the battle in space because it has met by chance in the crashed battleframe. Moldings can be customized to their mission. You can create your favorite loadout from handguns, rifles, missiles, canon, decoy, camouflage.

During early access, you will be able to add, modify and adjust content, and adjust the content, and add Japanese speech recordings, new game modes, and photo modes.

# Diplomacy is not an option

This work is a strategy game that has been engaged in Russian Indie Belopper and started early access on February 10th. The player struggles to protect the castle and the feasibility from the enemy of the Castle, one Castle. A tower defense and tactical thinking that RTS combines a tower defense and RTS, such as a long distance attack and a bow and arrow, a long-distance attack and a bow arrow. It seems to be possible.

Besides, there is also an element of town creation, and it is necessary to manage wood, stone, iron and money and stabilize the economy. If the material can be procured, you should not forget to build the grave of the castle walls and residents to protect yourself from the 外. Formal releases will be in the first half of this year’s September or 2023, and we plan to add single-play campaigns and bases. An interview with developers is also posted, so please take a look. Also, free demo version is also delivered.

# Future Fragments (for adults)

Melon OPUS has released the latest trial version of SF Metroid Vania “Future Fragments” for adults that are scheduled to be released in this spring on the Steam store page. This work is a search action adventure on the stage with a desolate future. The player operates the main character “TALIA”, making full use of various abilities and power to capture a vast map.

The biggest feature of this work is more than 40 sub events and moral choices and more than 40 endings, and over 100 sex scenes. Each scene can be experienced not only when defeating, but also when exploring and winning. In addition, a level editor function that can create maps and cut scenes and share them with other players will also be implemented. Also, according to Japanese-only threads of the official Discord server, the Japanese version will be released between 2022 and 2023 years ago.

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