How to build Bella Lucia in Lost Ark

After passing the Eastern Lometer, the players will open the fortress and swimming. With the first visit to their fortress, the butler Adeline welcomes them and instructs them different quests and tasks. One of them is the construction of Bella Lucia.

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In the “Lost Ark” * Bella Lucia is the first ship that the player can build for dispatch missions. * Players will need two iron ore and two wood to build Bella Lucia in the “Lost Ark”. . Then they can perform dispatch missions after they are built.

For mining of iron ore and wood, players will need tools for mining and logging. The ore is displayed on the map in the form of blue stones, and players were to get a quest for the collection of iron ore in the leinkbar. There is no quest on wood, so players will need to just find the trees marked with a log on the map.

Having collected the necessary materials, players can return to their fortress and build Bella Lucia. Dispatch missions are a good way to get experience and materials in the fortress, so build the ship and go swimming!

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