Horizon Forbidden West Cast – Who is the actors of visualing?

In Horizon Forbidden West there are several amazing voice acting talents, and we are sure that you have already come across many of them before in other projects. Whether it is games, shows or films, these actors know their work, and it makes the Forbidden West so fascinating.

Be sure to get acquainted with other projects of these actors, as other games in which they participated are also great.

Horizon Forbidden West | Characters and Voice Actors | Full Cast List | 2022

Elau (Ashley Berch)

Ashley Berch also voiced Elau in the original game Horizon Zero Dawn, so if you played the first game, you are already familiar with her. What you may not know that it is the fact that she is an actress who over the years voiced many favorite game characters.

She’s Chloe Price in Life Is Strange, Tina’s Life in the Borderlands series, Sam Hill in Afterparty, chalk at The Last Of US Part II, and to top it all, she also participates in the inspired game of the Apple TV Mythic Quest show.

Its loans long in Mile, and you probably heard her in something before and did not realize it.

Regalla (Angela Basset)

It is possible, she has not yet a very famous actress of sounding in games, but Angela Basset is definitely a support in the cinema and on television. She is most famous for Ramond’s roles in the Black Panther, Riva Demo in the “Hoodie Guy”, Amanda Waller in the “Green Lonar”, as well as in the American Horror History: Shabash, “Show Freaks”, “Hotel”, ” Roanok and Apocalypse.

Her previous merit in video games is also great, because it voiced Arnot / Six Aurelia in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Tilde (Carrie Ann Moss)

Carrie Ann Moss is well known in the film industry and used to use his voice in video games. Most likely, you will learn more than Trinity from the Matrix films, but she also appeared in Disturbia, Memento and voiced Aria T’Loac in the Mass Effect series.

ERAND (John Hopkins)

Erend was also in Horizon Zero Dawn, so you will again meet him, playing forbidden West. Actor Joom John Hopkins is known for voiced by Lucas Gray (The Shadow Client) in the last three Hitman games.

You can also find out in it Maxwell Rota in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Aaron Keener in Tom Clancy’s The Division and Marius in Ryse: Son Of Rome.

Varl (John McMillan)

John Macmillan also voiced Varla in the first game, so he is another in this list that will repeat the role. He also performed other works, such as the sounding of Henry “Hank” Mitchell in “Amnesia: Revival” and the role of Sira of Lanora Velarion in Spin-off “Games of the Thrones” “Dragon House”.

Silence (Lance Reddick)

Lance Reddik is the fourth person who returned to the Horizon games in the role of his character Silence. He also voiced the game when he depicted the commander of the ripple in Destiny 2, and starred in such roles like Haron in the films about John Wich.

You can also see it in the “Young Sheldon” as Professor Bush and Albert Veszer in the coming TV show “Resident Evil”.

Kotallo (Noshir Dalal)

Kotallo can be a new character in Horizon games, but did not give a newcomer in the voicing of video game characters.

Most likely, you will learn Charles Smith from Red Dead Redemption II, but he also played Gnasha in Fallout 76: Wastelands DLC, Jagus Romnai in Halo Infinite, Cyberpunide Oda in Cyberpunk 2077 and Halila in Call of Duty: Black. OPS III.

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