FIFA 22: Get the Charter of Silver Stars for free: Intransferable Hrga

It does not matter if it is silver and its average does not reach 75: Get the letter in form of Branimir Hrgota I just peeled in FIFA 22 is worth it. The defense of it is disastrous (we will not deny you) but the rest of the attributes of it make it someone very to consider when we need to play with silver letters. And the best thing is that you can get it based on playing. Without trap or cardboard.

Coinciding with the arrival of the team of the week 22, EA Sports has launched the new goal of Silver Stars, a series of three missions within the very assumable Ultimate Team objectives tabs that come with extra rewards, insured letters and one Additional amount of exp. for our seasonal progress that does not agree to let go.

In fact, the letter Silver stars: Hrgota is non-transferable, so you will not find it or envelopes or the transfer market. And in Stars We have proposed to help you get it by putting it in common the three challenges asking for. The rest is up to you.

Get the Letter Silver Stars: Holtmann Intransferable

Objective: Win 3

Win 3 games in the Fut Friend live: Silver Room

  • Objective Reward: 150 EXP

Objective: Mark 8

Brand 8 goals in the Fut Friend live: Silver Sala

  • Objective Reward: 150 EXP

Objective: Attend 6

Attend 6 Goals in Fut Friend Live: Silver Room

  • Objective Reward: 150 EXP

Group reward: Silver stars: Intransferable Hrga

Have you overcome the three previous objectives? Go through the seasonal objectives section within Ultimate Team mode and claim your rewards in the form of a player letter in Form. And eye, that this week there are three:

Of first, we have the letter of SILVER STARS: Hrgota Intransferable. 81 Rhythm is not that it is common among those in the category of it, and that plays in the Bundesliga opens interesting possibilities. Of course, better than the defense issue you leave it to the rest of the team.

In addition to the letter of SILVER STARS: Hrgota IMPRESSERIBLE, with each Each section Overcome Throughout this process you will receive nothing less than 150 XP for your seasonal progress. And we also have a novelty: an exchange card of Nishino Future Stars. That we take.

We will have until next Wednesday, February 23 to overcome the objectives and claim the letter Silver Stars: Hrgota and the rest of rewards, although with some skill and a more or less decent team we will not take more than one afternoon. Who will show then? What is already sure is that you will find it in our guides.

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