Skyrim: Fan snaps mighty latege

SKYRIM: The Second Great War - Director's cut [Fan Movie] Part I
A fan has found out how he can secure himself early in the game one of the best axes in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. However, he has to prove his skills against a strong opponent with Level 1.

Skyrim: So you come to a top weapon early

If you want to share a lot of damage in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim very early in the game, a Reddit User has now found a helpful trick. The user named FrozenMollusk shares in his video, as he secures a level pasture **, although his character has not yet risen a single level.

In the comments he explains that he has penetrated the game in the North Ruin Volskygge right at the beginning of the game. Over a secret entrance at the top of the mountain you can get directly into the last chamber of the dungeon, but where a Drautgr death is waiting for you. The dangerous opponent is guaranteed to be armed with a level past or a level of level. No matter which level your own character is straight.

Fan wins against Drautgr’s Deaths

Without reasonable equipment, of course it is not so easy to arrive against the DrauGr prince. However, the Reddit User also has a solution for this. As long as you hunt the endboss around his own throne again and again, he can not meet you and you will receive an opportunity for counterattack. Unspectacular, but effective .

In the end, you can call a level to your own. For example, the one-handed ax does as much harm as a Daedra ax . Only the ax from dragon bones makes something more damage. To get to you, you must first master the blacksmith skill.

A Skyrim player snaps a level past, Although he is only level 1 . For this he only has to compete early in the game against a druggr’s death. The dungeon probably spawn better opponents with valuable lot, because there is a dragon priest waiting for you.

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