The last DLC of Far Cry 6 arrives next week

_ FAR CRY 6 _ Definitely had quite a DLC content since its launch last October. Those users who bought the Season Pass have received multiple expansions that allow you to play like the past villains of the franchise, and the most recent of them finally has a release date.

Joseph: Collapse The next 8 February will be available, and as the name of it indicates it, you can play as Joseph Seed, main antagonist of _ Far Cry 5. _

Joseph: Collapse DLC #3 Launch Trailer | Far Cry 6
Joseph Seed And his family were definitely the most interesting element of _ far cry 5, _For what the idea of ​​being able to play as this character is certainly intriguing. Like the rest of the other two expansions, Joseph: Collapse is included in Season Pass although it can also be purchased apart.

Editor’s note: Far Cry 6 was not a bad game, but the formula is already beginning to feel tired. I think Ubisoft should give him the same treatment as Assassin’s Creed, in the sense that the series should take a break and return renewed for new audiences.

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