Jack n has: platformer published for Xbox

JACK 'N' HAT - Level 1 - 2D Retro Platformer PS4
Jack, N ‘has a retro-inspired 2D platform, in the Jack, the famous “thousandsassa”, looking for Princess Riri. Voo Doom is to bring peace in Ririland. ### Description The evil Dr. Voo Doom has kidnapped the Princess of Ririland and acknowledged a war! The incredible craftsman Jack and his boomerang hat must save them and restore peace! Jumps through more than 20 huge levels and collects crystals, stars and more! Jack’n ‘has stunning 16-bit pixel graphics, beautiful music and a precise control, which will probably remind you of the largest old-school platformer. * Jack’n ‘has been purchased in the Xbox Store with discount – ~~ 7.99 ~~ € – 6,79 € Here you can watch the Launch Trailer to Jack’n ‘:

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