“Hama daughter Pretty Derby” New growth horse daughter and new training scenario addition are announced! Follow-up report of 4th live and information on cross media

Game Co., Ltd. Cygames to planning and expand the development and management business of (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Koichi Watanabe) is, for the cross-media content “Umamusume Pretty Derby”, on January 27 (Thursday) was delivered in the “Paca live TVVol.13”, it has announced a number of the latest information.

Game Co., Ltd. Cygames to planning, development, and expand the operation business of the (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Koichi Watanabe) is, for the cross-media content “Umamusume Pretty derby” that we deploy, was delivered today in the “Paca live TVVol.13”, it announced a number of the latest information.

Game “Umamusume Pretty Derby,” the latest information!

1) new horses daughter appeared!

Toward the game first anniversary of the February 24 (Thursday), it appeared plans in the future new horse daughters. Prior to Narita top load: announced (CV Nakamura Kanna).

Narita Top Road, is the emergence coming soon in the game.

2) add new training scenario

New training scenario “Make a new track !! ~ climax the opening – (hereinafter, Make a new track !!)” additional have been decided.

In this training scenario as a special guest, also in charge of Mr. Junko Hosoe, had you cast is a commentary of the race and paddock to the TV anime.

Not only new training scenario, please pay attention to the commentary of the race and paddock.

“Make a new track !!” is an additional scheduled for the end of February 2022. Please wait for the follow-up report to be announced at a later date for more information.

■ Junko Hosoe (commentary)

In addition, the video of “Make a new track !!” in the new song “BLOW my GALE” to be released also we published part.

● video URL

Other, update information in the game, please check the notice to be posted on the official portal site and in the game.

3) story events “crowned Patisserie” held!

In the story events “crowned patisserie” to be held from January 28 (Friday), to stage the confectionery tournament “evening spring Chocolate Contest” in the school compete, will be drawn appearance of horses daughters to begin the development of chocolate Suites.

You can win the support card as a reward.

Event limited SSR support card “[In my way] Tohsang Jordan”

•~Uma Musume Pretty Derby~[AMV]~Fight Back~•

4) introduce picked up is training horses daughter and support card!

And new training horses daughter that appeared January 28 days from the (gold) to the pick-up Pretty Derby Gacha, introduced the illustrations of a new support card that appeared to pick up her support card Gacha.

● new training horses daughter

▲ ★ 3 “[CODE: Gurasaju] Mihonoburubon”

▲ ★ 3 “[correct-Chocolatier] EISHIN flash”

● the new support card

▲ SSR support card “[in a small cup with great feeling] Nishino Flower”

▲ SSR support card “[detonation velocity! Fastest! Flower storm!] Sakurabakushin’o”

5) Legend race “Hanshin Juvenile Fillies” held!

The stage of the next Legend race “Hanshin Juvenile Fillies” (Hanshin racetrack turf 1600m (Miles) right-outside winter good)!

2022 February 8, will be held from Tuesday, 12:00. To enjoy the confrontation with the LEGEND horse daughters!

6) Champions meeting “Aquarius Cup” held!

The next Champions meeting will be held the “Aquarius Cup”.

Stage of the race is the “Tokyo racetrack Dirt 1600m (mile) left winter Ryo Hare”.

● held period
Join league selection period: 2022 February 14 (Monday) from 12:00 to
Race: 2022 February 18 (Friday) from 12:00 to

7) “GI Memorial Campaign” held!

2022 February 20 (Sunday) to commemorate the “February Stakes” of, will be held the GI Memorial campaign.

Limited mission appeared and Manny gift of, posting a commemorative illustrations on the official Twitter!

Also it will be held in conjunction with further “training fees” piece additional campaign.

8) 4th event follow-up report!

2022 March 5 (Saturday), for the “Umamusume Pretty Derby 4th EVENT SPECIAL DREAMERS !!” scheduled to be held at 6 (Sunday) in Musashino of forest comprehensive sports Plaza main arena, announced the follow-up report.

• Adding raced’s announcement!

Race of Narita top load Officer Nakamura Kanna’s forthcoming in the game was decided. Nakamura Kanna is a race scheduled for Tokyo performances DAY2 of March 6 (Sunday).

■ ticket information
“ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE” and online viewing of the “Streaming +”, live viewing of the theater, has released the ticket information of Pre preceding the admission ticket.

For details of each ticket, please check the following “Umamusume Pretty Derby 4th EVENT SPECIAL DREAMERS !!” special site.


9) TV anime first phase, the second phase once broadcast decision!

Anime dedicated channel AT-X, once the broadcast of TV animation first and second phase was decided.

“Oath of BNW” his EXTRA R to be the OVA work also because it is broadcast, please have a look.

10) CD “WINNING LIVE 03” launch delivery event held!

2022 February 9 (water) launch delivery event of the launch of “Umamusume Pretty Derby” WINNING LIVE 03 is, is scheduled to be held on April 2 (Saturday).

● race’s
Ikumi Hasegawa (Mihonoburubon role), Iwami minor incense (Rice shower officers), Sina (Chun-Li officers) Shuto, Hikari Kubota (Japanese white-eye Dobell’s role), Iori Saeki (King Halo Auditor)

※ race who are subject to change without notice.

This event is the events that can be viewed by entering the delivery viewing code of guide leaflets that are enclosed in a CD to a given URL.

The event start time and details will be announced at a later date from the WEB site of Lantis is a trade Publisher (https://www.lantis.jp/top.html).

CD For more information, please check the PRODUCTS page (https://umamusume.jp/products/detail.php?id=products-039) of the official site.

In PRODUCTS page, it is being published the audition videos of “Umamusume Pretty Derby” WINNING LIVE 03.

11) “Umamusume Cinderella Gray” Comics Vol. 6 released!

“Umamusume Cinderella Gray” Comics, Volume 6 of the popular series in at Weekly Young Jump is, is expected to release in 2022 February 18 (Friday). Cover is Obey Your Master.

Release Date: 2022 February 18 (Friday)
Price: 715 yen (tax included)
Publisher: Shueisha
“Umamusume Cinderella Gray” is being serialized in Weekly Young Jump.
[ “Weekly Young Jump” official site] https://youngjump.jp/

12) Prize figures have appeared one after another!

Prize figures of the game “Umamusume Pretty Derby” has appeared one after another soon! Is deployed from Banpresto brand, is the horse daughters of the figure of the uniforms, which was reproduced on the basis of the illustration of the support card.

Because from 2022 April sequential appearance scheduled for nationwide amusement facilities, please wait forward to.

In addition, the “gold ship”, “Oguri cap”, “Tamamokurosu”, “Mihonoburubon”, is in figure also production assistant of “rice shower”. It unveiled the prototype image.

■ 4 May appeared schedule
– special week
– Silence Suzuka

■ 5 May appeared schedule
– Tokai Teio
Mejiro McQueen

■ 6 May appeared schedule
Gold Ship

※ date and contents listed are subject to change without notice
※ image and services are those in development, at the time of actual held and implementation might be different
※ expressions used in this press release, there is the case that game and some representation is different

【Official site】
“Umamusume Pretty Derby” official portal site: https: //umamusume.jp/
“Umamusume Pretty Derby” official Twitter: @uma_musu (https://twitter.com/uma_musu)
TV anime “Umamusume Pretty Derby Season 2” official website: https: //anime-umamusume.jp/
TV anime “Umamusume Pretty Derby Season 2” official Twitter: @uma_musu_anime (https://twitter.com/uma_musu_anime)

Game Description

Title: Umamusume Pretty Derby distribution start date: smartphone edition 2021 February 24 (Wednesday), DMM GAMES edition 2021 March 10, 2008 (water) development and management: Corporation Cygames Compatible models: iOS / Android / PC smartphone edition recommended environment: iOS 11.0 or higher, Android OS 6.0 or higher DMM GAMES version of the operating environment: Supported OS Windows 8.1 / 10 (64bit) / 11 CPU Core i3-4360 / AMD A8-7650K equal to or greater than the memory 8GB or more essential graphics GeForce GTX 750Ti or Radeon R7 250X or DirectX version 11 or higher resolution 1920 × 1080

# Download URL

AppStore https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id1325457827 GooglePlay https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.cygames.umamusume DMM GAMES https: // dmg. umamusume.jp

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