Vampire Survivors: Surprise hit for only 2 euros

So we have him, the first surprise hit of the year. While we write these lines, Vampire Survivors are played on Steam more frequently as Stardev Valley or Red Dead Redemption 2. The insider tip came out of nothing, according to Steam the game was only published on December 17, 2021. Since then it has been able to collect about 14,000 user evaluations (of which 99% positive) and also on Twitch, Vampire Survivors are also popular. Everything just hype or is behind the roughly pixeled retro façade actually a good game? We wanted to try Vampire Survivors only short, but then play again. Over and over again. The needle is sitting.

Attempting to Cross Vampire Survivors in a Completely Straight Line

The Indie-Game could hardly be simpler. You play one of eight unlockable hero figures, which only controls you with the WWD buttons (alternatively also with the gamepad). Above, bottom, left, right – you do not need more. From all sides, monsters are now towered on you, as in a Bullet-Hell shooter you have to stay in motion, dodge and fall down the opponents. Your character is fully automatic, so you really do not have to do more than to run around. Initially, this is still terribly tough, but after a short time, the pace turns powerful: Every defeated opponent leaves a blue gem, which donates a few experience points. With each level increase, you can then choose from several upgrades and weapons, which will continue to expand this way. Thus, her, crosses, fireballs, throw knives and spells learn to spin, also plenty of passive upgrades, with which you lowers the cooldown or increases the number of projectiles.
Your character uses automatically, you just care about the movement. Source: Poncle at the latest at the view of the icons, the parallels to Castlevania series are also indispensable: the simple 8-bit graphic style, the figurative design and above all the look of the weapons and upgrades, which could come directly from Konamis whip swinging series. Incidentally, you should not automatically understand that as a praise: Even for a retro game, Vampire Survivors is not a pretty game. But the fun does not demolish it.

If you live long enough and combine the right weapons and upgrades, your mucley pixel figurine is transformed after a few minutes to all the crushing fighting machine: while incredible opponents rattle on you, you mow the hordes with your automatic attacks mercilessly and pumps With experience credits, there is no morning more. Vampire Survivors is from this point the game fantasy, incredibly simple, but also refreshingly honest and satisfying. Oh yes, a goal is also: You have to stay 30 minutes – and that’s for the first 1. Although a boss opponent appears even at the last moment, but before the fight can start at all, one automatically bites into the grass. The bossfight is only installed with a later update, until then it remains at the 30-minute rule. This makes Vampire Survivors ideal for a short game in between, finally one is done at the latest in half an hour – and has no more than 30,000 monsters.

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While this makes a frightening fun, but loses after a few passes noticeably to charm. However, Vampire Survivor has an ace in the sleeves, namely his rogue-lite mechanics: every now and then we encounter very tough opponents, the treasure boxes full of gold. With the MONETEN you can then unlock permanent improvements in the main menu, for example more XP profit, regeneration or additional throwing floors. Until you scraped the necessary gold and has unlocked everything, you should plan a few hours.

Vampire Survivors is still in the early access phase, the project will be completed at the earliest one year. During the time, the developers want to install significantly more levels, upgrades, mechanics and a story mode. If you want to get started now, you can retake Vampire Survivors for just under 2 euros on Steam or try it free in the browser.

If the pixel style suits you, but you are looking for a completely different kind of rogue-lite, we put Loop Hero’s heart. In our shopping guide special we also provide you with a whole series of exciting Rogue Likes and Rogue lites, which are definitely worth your money – no matter if action, card game or RPG. Have you already played Vampire Survivors or can you do nothing with the thing? We look forward to your opinion! Back Continue 1 2 Vampires Survivors: The Indie-hit, who from the none of the camera gallery too “Vampire Survivors: The Indie Hit, which came from nothingness”

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