How to play all Wordle from previous days from PC or mobile

We thought it would be a passenger fashion that would last a couple of weeks, but here we are more than a month later and our Twitter TL remains plagued by people playing Wordle and sharing their daily results **.

The puzzle of guess words with five letters offers us a challenge for 24 hours that disappears to leave a hollow to a new one the next day, so if you arrive late to the fever of the words or you have skipped one day, This interests you.

How to play the Wordle of Previous Days

Thanks to those pages that are responsible for archiving the changes and updates of the Internet, access Previous Wordle Puzzles at English and at English is as easy as pressing a link and traveling to the past To enjoy that Wordle you did not do.

From WaybackMachine, a page where you can find all the previous updates of a Web, simply by adding the address to search will give you a calendar with all the puzzles per day.

Thus, for example, you can access the first Wordle in Spanish that was launched or, if you prefer, review the calendar with all the Wordle in Spanish that have been released to choose the one you have lost.

How to Play Wordle

Do you want to try in English? Well here you have the first Wordle, released on October 15, 2021, and the calendar with all the Wordle that have been released since then. You can play them from the pc or from the mobile simply by clicking on those links. Of course, do not do them all, that is going to give you an embarrassment.

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