Here the first official details about the new call of duty

Last week, Infinity Ward shared the first advance of the new Call of Duty , which confirmed that this year’s delivery would be a sequel for the Reboot of Modern Warfare. Good, today We already have the first official details of this new game, as well as the successor of Warzone , and yes, it seems that it will come out this year.

Through a new publication shared in the official blog of the series, it was officially revealed that CALL OF DUTY 2022 will be a sequel to Modern Warfare, which will be enhanced with a new graphic engine in charge of Infinity Ward. Both games are being a creator from scratch and as a whole, so the new Warzone could go at the same time as the new cod.

Infinity Ward Promises an evolved experience of Battle Royale with a new field of play and a scale never before seen. Interestingly, they did not mention anything that these new games are going to reach the past generation of consoles.

HUGE NEW CALL OF DUTY 2022 NEWS from Activision!
On the other hand, they also committed to correcting several errors that have been present at Warzone for a few months, as well as introducing certain changes from _quality of Life, _ how to eliminate the animation of the gas mask, and adjustments How plaques work. Finally, they promise to add FOV settings to consoles.

Editor’s note: At least Activision is listening to the complaints of the community, although it took a lot to do so. It is understood that currently the situation within the study is not in the best state out there, but there are certainly great things for Battle Royale.

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