A player who keeps killing NPC daily with “Skylim”. “TES” newly shot, shot, beat, and endless nasham large amount grazing

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (hereinafter Sky Rim) ” appeared a player who continues to kill the identified NPC every day. It is said that it continues to stack the corpse until the new work “The Elder Scrolls Vi” is released. The wonderful line that is waiting for new work has already been over 100 days and has a variety of killing measures.

“Sky Rim” is a popular open world ARPG that BethesDa Softworks works. It was released in 2011, and it is a longevity work that celebrates its 10th anniversary last November. The highly freedom system is one of the attractions, and many players still spend in the world of the same work, and the user production MOD is also boasting a large number of popularity. On the other hand, development of “The Elder Scrolls VI”, which is a new work in 2018, has also been published, and fans are waiting for the release time etc.

And there are players that continue to kill “Naseme” which are NPCs at “Skylim”, which are too burned to the new work. YouTube by Sidek. He continues to post videos entitled to the channel of the video entitled “Kill Naseme every day until” The Elder Scrolls Vi “comes out last September last year. Currently, a daily killing video has been posted for 138 days. A series of videos have a variety of ways, and the life of Nasham has been robbed. At first, it was a simple hand such as “Sudden head with a bow of magic” and “Killing”. But on the 4th day, the method escalates at once, and the magic and Nasham is his wife with an Ahalam. Besides, a variety of trick killers and monsters and killing and killing monsters, and the crime site is also various.

In addition, Sidek also takes place on the Nalaseme side. On the 20th day, you can use MOD or realize a sight of Naseme Killer with a large number of Nasham that fills the screen. Magical and Northwatch’s guards are also killed by one net. Whenever the “outdoor location” of the killing scene is also increased, and even a video that incorporates and kills a ship with Nasham, there is also an increasing trend. Creativity continues to accelerate in strange directions. On the 73nd day, the seventh day, a large number of Nashams grazing in a large land are conducting Nasham hunting to kill with a variety of magic. When you come here, Sidek seems to be a fact that you don’t have to love Nasham.

However, why Nasham was targeted in “Sky Rim” that many NPCs appear? The answer is simple, Nasham is one of the best hated people. He resides in the town of Whitelan, and he throws a word that seems to be disgusted every time with the player. As the contents, in addition to proud of how successful Chillfaro farm owned by itself is, “Do you go frequently in the cloud district? It was a stupid question. Of course, I’m not going to go without going” The word “is famous.

Cloud district is a district that has the Royal Palace where the Neiri of Whitelan lives. In other words, Nasham has been a player, “You like your guy, unlike me, there will be no edges and authority.” White run is a land where the player is often visited, and it comes out that Naseme is not talking. He is doubtful that he is doubtful that he is killed every day. As an as an aside, when I started “Skylim” with the writing of this paper, the instantaneous momentum was walked from a distance and hit the above-mentioned word.

Such a galam is treated as a kind of meme among overseas fans of this work as a hated person. Also, MODs with the theme of Nasham are also rich. MOD Posted Site Nexus MODS has many Naseme-related mods, and Nasham has been treated in various ways. As an example, guards ignoring to Naamem and killing and theft, and even whitellane residents add nalasham MOD “No One Cars ABOUT NAZEEM”, MOD “THE FALL OF” In addition to Nazeem, there is a “Nazeem Bomb” that can be summoned with Nazeme.

On the other hand, conversely, “Nazeem Is The Ebony Warrior”, which is super strengthening of Nahaham’s combat power, or whether it is a subtle, changing the program icon of “Skylim” of “Skylim” to smile “Nazeem Desktop Shortcut Icon Replacer” etc. It also exists. Anyway, Nasham is a character that receives the fans of the fans from that “Uza”. Sidek chose Naseme to target Nasham, “Sekirim’s disliked person”.

In addition, about “The Elder Scrolls VI” has passed for about three and a half years from the formal announcement as described above. The information about the same work is limited, and it is not wonderful even if there are fans that are crazy and slightly wrong. Mr. Sidek’s mellow may have some aspects of the expectation of such fans. Development will not be early depending on the recommendation of Mr. Hit.,

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