Zombieland: double tap – Revue Road Trip – Rule # 1 to avoid this game

There are already ten years, the public has discovered the Zombieland movie and its heroes. It has become a surprise success and it took all this time to come back to Zombieland for a suite. At that time, the main roles have become more famous, have been rewarded, have become stars and it was a horrible Lex Luthor. Now that double tap, the suite mentioned above, has just released into theaters, an appendix game has been attached to follow it. I do not know how familiar our readers are with the complementary games, but they are usually as bad as movie video game adaptations. Zombieland: Double Tap-Road Trip is a Top-Down, Dual-Stick entrance in the zombieland world that meets the connection standards. In addition to the proven mechanisms of the genre, Road Trip does not offer much else and try to take advantage of the buzz generated by the movie.

Road trip takes you to various zombieland places while embodying the heroes in our story, including unlocking the new double TAP movie. Each character has a unique quality to help you, he uses different weapons with different efficiencies, and each character has a special gesture to help you get out of these situations when you are invaded by undead.

The gameplay, as well as the orders, are your classic double action shooter and they work quite well in this regard. It is easy to browse the card by pulling on zombies, even if their number grows up. If you can find 3 friends with who play, I’m sure you’ll have enough time to film zombies while Woody Harrelson uses transplanted film extracts from the movie. The problem is that you will have to convince 3 friends to play with you. If you can not, the pleasure decreases considerably if you play alone because the levels are extremely difficult. The ever-increasing horde makes the task much more difficult if no one can monitor your rear. The horde part of the game falls directly in the same category. If there are no teammates, you will not very far, regardless of the accuracy with which you can shoot.

Is Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip Worth IT?!? PC Review

The graphics are disappointing, which, of course, does not help. When we talk about games from top to bottom, I’m sure we can all name a group we love. The Baldur’s Gate games come to mind. Know why? Because it’s pretty much the graphic output you look. Even on the home screen, when they realize real avatars, they look like the statues you see in the celebrity wax museums that let you say, “If I did not know who it was supposed to be, I would be lost”. This brings us unfortunately to the best part of the link between the film – the appearances of celebrities. Although these events are always hilarious, Road Trip strives to win the cake with poorly synchronized subtitles and a desperate attempt to capture the charm and humor that have made the popularity of Zombieland. He just falls flat and the game falls flat.

If Zombieland was popular, it was because it was weird, that the characters were charming and that it was hilarious meta (I’m watching you, Bill Murray). Directors of Road Trip are trying to reclaim this glory, but they seemed to have forgotten the part on how the characters realized this movie. A bit like the phrase “sleep or shut up” was already tired at the end of the first movie, Road Trip is tired even when starting. So much so that most of the dialogue given to Tallahassee has been exhausted for a decade. Fortunately, double tap itself was much better than his peer of the game. On the basis of historical examples, it is not the first time, nor the last time we can make this statement.


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