This khajiit cosplay from The Elder Scrolls online is terrific

How to Roleplay in the Elder Scrolls Online: the Khajiit
The cosplay scene likes to serve and often with the gaming world to choose your costumes. While some games like The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunter are particularly popular, there are significantly less cosplays from many other titles to see. All the more remarkable is the latest costume of the cladding artist “strong_katy”.

Cosplay as Khajiit from The Elder Scrolls Online

It has apparently dreamed of it for a long time to disguise himself as a representative of Khajiit the MMO The Elder Scrolls Online . In numerous working hours, an equally elaborate such as worth seeing costume was created, which many teso fans is amazed in astonishment.

The Cosplayerin has made a very detailed armor , which only so played with loving details. This ranges from striking shoulder pads to knee chimniers reinforced with spines. Even on a double-edged ax, time-consuming make-up and the appropriate mane, she has thought. Your photos published at reddit harvest a lot of praise.

Who are the khajiit?

The KhajiIT is a cat-like people from the world of The Elder Scrolls Online . Your home is to be found in Elswyr and do not have the best reputation. Other peoples encounter them with suspicion, as they are arranged, among other things as a criminal and act accordingly twilight.

Viewing gaming cosplay

As mentioned above, especially in the younger past, there were numerous cosplays ** from the gaming world, which are worth a closer look. Especially characters from The Witcher 3 such as Triss Merigold and Yennefer vengerberg are very popular. But also panels as Chun-Li von Street Fighter 2 or TiFa from Final Fantasy 7 are high in the course.

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