The creators of Valheim show the next large updates on the first anniversary

Valheim officially meets one year from February 2, and by valheim players, that means there will be things to wait for for the rest of the month. The developers made fun of it this week in a publication on Steam’s blog for valheim and said they have “some fun things” planned for the community that will be revealed in the coming days. In addition to that, the developers also made fun of a couple of updates in which they are working, including the updating of the mountain and the progress made in the Mistlands biome.

For the content of the anniversary, we still do not know what is planned, but that will change in the coming days. The developers said they plan to implement their plans soon and share updates through social networks. For now, however, the game is still on sale as an extension of the Lunar New Year event to coincide with the anniversary of the game. The developers also remembered the players the launch of Steam Deck and said that the goal is to have valheim “running without problems from the beginning.”

“2022 also means that it’s time for our first anniversary!” The valheim the developers said. ¬ęToday, February 2, a full year is fulfilled since Valheim was launched for the first time, and what year it has been! We could never have imagined that Valheim would be as great as it was, and all thanks to you, players. We are going to celebrate throughout the month of February, and we have some funny things planned for you: I am attentive to our social networking pages to make sure you do not miss anything!

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As for the update of the mountain, the image above was shared together with another in the body of the publication to provoke what will come when that content is published. The image below was offered similarly to provoke some of the types of creatures that will inhabit that biome.

“In addition to the update of Mountain, we have also been increasing work in Mistlands,” the developers said. “The phase of specifying the central concept is ready and we know what kind of inhabitants we want the biome. This means that we are now working on a lot of new construction pieces and enemies, as well as defining more of the new mechanics we will present (although we would like to keep them secret for a while longer). “

de Valheim Anniversary plans will be shared very soon, so I am attentive to the social networks of the game to see what is coming.

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