Stoppelkamp: “Everyone has to know whats on the game”

In the end it was a pretty clear affair. Since the Duisburger had fought back with a force stroke and made in almost ten minutes from a sheer hopeless 1: 4 a 3: 4 – but then the MSV once again came to a decisive mistake, which ultimately led to a 3: 6.

When Moritz Stoppelkamp was behind the “magenta sport” cameras, he first said, “Difficult right.” Duisburg’s captain did not make it easy to put the past 90 minutes in words – after all, the zebras had favored some Osnabrücker goals and thus brought himself the opportunity to follow the 1-0 in Wiesbaden.

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Defensive the MSV wanks

“These were all avoidable goals,” Klagte Klagelkamp and then stressed, “Everyone has to know what’s on the game.” The 3: 6 On Wednesday evening was not only the third with the goals ten to 15 – it also revealed how big the problems are to fight with Duisburg.

In the defensive, the team of coach Hagen Schmidt was not third-ligiable. After now 24 games Duisburg has conceded 48 goals – exactly two on average.

Who does not understand what the hour has beaten, is not to help.

Hagen Schmidt

“It’s an extreme situation,” Stoppelkamp said against the background that the MSV sorted a point in front of the descent zone, but has already two games more than the Hallesche FC, which is under the bottom line.

Against Osnabrück Duisburg did not want to move slightly when the game was almost lost in the booth of 1: 4. In the end, however, not a good quarter of an hour was not enough. “It’s a lot to do with my head,” said Schmidt behind, called the abused thing “homemade” and then stressed two things. On the one hand: “Rest only we can worry.” And on the other: “Who does not understand what the hour has beaten, is not to help.”

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