New DLC for the Sims 4 does not appear in Russia for “gay propaganda”

In November last year, the Russian Commissioner Olga Baranets threw the streaming giant Netflix to operate “gay propaganda”. In 2013, President Vladimir Putin signed a law which “exhibits any positive remarks on homosexuality in the presence of minors or through media such as the Internet.”

The presentation of “non-traditional sexual relationships” must be provided in Russia with an age limit of 18+. This also includes the title SIMS 4 (Buy 16.41 €) since 2014, and therefore can not be sold to young people under the age of 18 in Russia.

New Sims DLC does not appear in Russia
EA announced the new DLC “my wedding stories” for the simulation a few days ago. From the 17th of February 2022, players can try the new wedding options here, including events like engagement parties. In the game, players have always been able to take a same-sex marriage, but with the new DLC, the developer studio wants to tell a very own story, which turns around a gay couple.

In an opinion on the new DLC, the developers explain that they will not publish “my wedding stories” for the Russian market:

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“While we ran through our development and storytelling process, we were aware that the way we wanted to tell the story of Cam and Cathedral, not something we could share in the world.” _

_ “The ability to tell stories – every story – is the core of what we do with the Sims. Hold the story of Cam and Dom, meant, the values ​​we live to endanger. We feel the freedom committed to be who you are, to love who you love, and tell the stories you want to tell. “_

_ “What does that mean for you, our players? We stick to this obligation steadfastly by putting stories like the Dom and Cam in the limelight and celebrating. That’s why we decided to put it on the publication of ‘my wedding stories’ Doing where our history would be subject to changes due to federal laws. Unfortunately, this means that members of the Sims community in Russia can not buy this game package. “_

The new DLC “My Wedding Stories” for the SIMS 4 will be released on February 17 2022 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | s. Most recently, the expansion package “Country House Life” was published for the simulation of EA, which sends you on the farm.

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