Dying Light 2: Should you help Joe and Jack to leave the city?

The decision, what should happen to Joe and Jack in Dying Light 2 is one of the biggest decisions that you have to meet in the early parts of the game, and you can exclude yourself from future content if you make the wrong decision in this situation. This choice takes place after visiting Aitor or sophie in the hotel, regardless of which faction you use. Before you can decide what should happen to the water tower, you have to get Joe and Jack out. They agree to go peacefully if they help them to leave the city. So if you negotiate with Joe and Jack in Dying Light 2?

If you help Joe and Jack in Dying Light 2?

If you decide to negotiate with Joe and Jack, they say that they will leave the water tower if they help them flee from the city. If you say “ I’ll help you ,” then you will go without a fight and you can claim the water tower either for the peacekeepers or the survivors. You will find you later in the main base of the peacekeepers in the central loop, where you have a unique side task for you. If you do not agree to help you, this quest will not be available later.

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If you choose “ I will not help you ,” then things run the way they would expect. The two are immediately hostile and force them to kill them both to take control of the water tower. However, Joe and Jack are not incredibly strong, so they should be able to turn them both easily, even though they are superior to them two.

The is the best option here to help you leave the city . Even if you do not agree with this decision, an additional quest will be unlocked on the whole line. It is also a side quest, ie optional. You can completely forget Joe and Jack completely and ignore your side quest and nevertheless come without a fight by the water tower portion.

Dying light 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. A Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released later this year.

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