Shinji Mikami wants to direct at least “one more game” before retiring

Shinji Mikami, creator of the Saga Resident Evil, Dino Crisis and many other titles, and director of the Tango Gameworks study, has granted an interview with VG24 / 7 on the occasion of the launch of Ghostwire: Tokyo, the next title of the developer.

In the interview, Mikami explained what was the purpose of him by forming the study more than a decade ago. “I started the study with the prospect of giving an opportunity to young and talented developers.” In spite of this, he explains him, he would end up running The Evil Within, the debut title of the study, which combined dynamics of Survival horror as those present at Resident Evil with others more focused on action. Originally, the first game of Gameworks tango was going to be a science fiction title and open world inspired by Dune, but they had to change the plans when encountering economic problems.

However, as the study grew and incorporating new staff, Mikami was scrolling to leave a hollow to new faces. So much so that the first announcement of Ghostwire: Tokyo was starved by Ikumi Nakamura, which was at that time was his creative director, in E3 2019. According to Mikami, even though Nakamura does not work in the study, his creativity follows present throughout the game. For example, the first-person perspective or the color palette of the game, inspired by Ghost in the Shell, were his idea.

The current creative director of Ghostwire Tokyo is Kenji Kimura, who has previously worked at the Tekken Saga, Soul Calibur and Metal Gear Solid, but who had never directed a game previously.

However, and even though Mikami has decided to pass the witness to the youngest voices of him, he affirms that he does not want to retire still: He’s plan is to direct “one last game” before retiring. This title, he explains, it will not necessarily be the next thing that Tango Gameworks publishes, but rather a long-term plan.

Ghostwire: Tokyo revealed new mechanics and history aspects at the State of Play held by Sony last week, and its reception was generally positive. It will come on March 25 on PC and consoles.

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