“Apex Legends” New Season “Defiism” Opening. Control mode Festival noise, Mad Maggy and Ree

Respawn Entertainment has opened “ Apex Legends ” new season “Defiism” on February 9th. In the same season, Mad Magi appeared as a new legend. Also, Olympus has been renovated a large scale, and adjustments are made to legends, weapons and the like.

In the new season “Defiism”, Mad Magi appears in new legend. It is possible to drive the enemy from indoors and obstacles by tactical ability. Ultimate Abilities will be able to get a broken opponent while accelerating all the teams.

Limited time new mode, control aims to control the base of base in a 9V9 team match. Respone unlimited, ammunition is unlimited and flashy combat is unfolded, and it is a perfect mode for festive fakes to celebrate the third anniversary. Because the same legend can be selected in the team, the combination of abilities is infinite. It is likely to be able to edit the creative war method unique to control mode.

For weapons, alternators are usually weapons, and in place of the bolt SMG joined care package weapons (crevers, spitfire). The alternator has been deleted by the display bullet and returned to the normal weapon, and the bolt SMG is damaged and the magazine capacity is raised by 2. Care package weapons.

In addition, in the season, no new weapons at the time of opening were added, but Hammer point bullets could be attached to RE-45. This weapon that did not hit the spot until now seems to be rampant. In addition, new hop-up, kinetic feeder that can be attached to the piece keeper and triple take. During sliding, it will automatically reload one by one while reducing the choke time. Although the effect looks modest, the time to reload is likely to be a short and convenient attachment. In addition, the shutter cap that the waist shooting is automatically shotted and the easy-to-use shutter cap will make 30-30 reptors and Bosecbou easier to use.

Also, I would like to pay attention to the tap straif. Tap Straif is a technique of character control using keyboard and mouse. By doing a predetermined input, it was said that the jump angle can be bent sharply. Although the technique had previously been deleted, but the modification was notified, not deletion, but not deletion. And from the players who performed the leading play of the new season “Defiism”, it was reported that weakening was actually performed. However, as noted in the patch notes, it seems that this update does not have been adjusted in this time. Each correction seems to be done, but it would have been a prospect for the first time (related articles).

Well, “Apex Legends” has had a history that has been suffering from server errors at the time of the season. However, the season 10 and later has a relatively small error, and smooth slippage continued. This season’s “Defiism” is also relatively strong. At the moment immediately after the update, the error report is a little unstable, but it seems to be stable.

Bugs from this season are also reported. First of all, about animation invalidation of evolutionary skin that has been official announced. A weapon skin that has been animated according to the number of kills, which has been prepared as a season pass reward until now. These animations are temporarily disabled for bug fixes.

Furthermore, a bug that can be fired during resuscitation of allies as a unusual bug has been confirmed. Slightly suspicious movement has been reported for Mad Maggy passive and crypt’s drone, and a bug related to a piece keeper equipped with a kinetic feeder has been confirmed. The kinetic feeder bug is likely to affect the gameplay, so I would like to make a quick fix.

In “Apex Legends”, which has reached the third anniversary on February 5, a legend or pack will be distributed free of charge for 3 weeks today. Since new mode and control are also three weeks limited, we will play without forgetting people. “Apex Legends” New Season “Defiism” is being held from today.

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