Counter side, service 2nd anniversary Memorial large update progress

Nixon (Representative Lee Jung-hyon) announced on the 26th that the Studio Diode (CEO) was developed and the second anniversary of the second anniversary of the Urban Fantasy RPG ‘Counterside’, which is developed and has been in the second anniversary.

First, I opened the eighth episode ‘storm’ that started full-fledged battle with the salvation of the salvation. As the war on the world destruction is the outbreak of the war, Cabin Company and Delta Seven are cooperated with the story to cope with new threats.

In addition, EP.8 main and humanity counters awakening SSR Temple ‘Storm Bring Gorge Walker’ and the ‘SSR Temple’, two kinds of SSR Temple, Added Face ‘Charlotte’, and the Throne Temple ‘Eugene’ and the newly specialized ‘Ah Hub’ showed.

In addition, we introduce four kinds of Spin Company recitals made with band concepts that play 2nd anniversary OST ‘House of the Rising Sun’, We improved the ‘casting van’ system that can add vans unit and ship through voting.

Nixon also proceeds with the 2nd anniversary event with this update. I paid a ‘SSR ship option’, ‘enemy equipment set’ to the user who performs the mission every week until February 15, Provides a final compensation, such as’ 2nd anniversary of inauguration.


In addition, according to the number of game access by February 24th, [2nd anniversary] SSR operator recommendation book ‘[2nd anniversary] SSR Temple Recent perception, etc. A total of 100 free units can be drawn opportunities.

More information on ‘Counter Side’ game is more detailed in the official community.

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